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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT:  I really think that there is a niche for semi-custom ammo for competitors.  If you buy "White/Yellow/Red/Blue Box" from the big OEM ammo manufacturers, you're getting good quality, but paying through the nose for it.  On top of that, you're getting ammo that is not custom-tailored to the Power Factors that the Action Shooting games require.

I have been looking at the needs of competition shooters, and I've come up with a few loads that I think will work for us:

     - 124 grain 9mm at 1050 fps out of a 4.5-inch gun (Glock, M&P, XD, CZ)  This load
       is consistent and is perfect for folks with fast "eye speed" who don't like feeling like
       they're waiting on the gun.  I am calling this the "Southside Load".

     - 135 grain 9mm at 975 fps out of a 4.5-inch gun.  Some folks like a "softer" load
       than the 124s.  In homage to our northside folks who created it, I'm calling it the
       "North Atlanta Load".

    - 124 grain 9mm at 1050 from a 16-inch PCC.  PCC is funny to load for because of
      the pressure curves interacting with a blowback gun, but we have experience in
      load development for them.

    - 180 grain 40 S&W at 750 fps for a good Minor Load, in both SAAMI-spec length
      and 1.185" for the 1911/2011 platform.

    - 180 grain 40 S&W at 950 fps for a Major load, again at both lengths.

    - 200 grain .45 ACP at 850 fps for 1911 Single Stacks

    - 230 grain .45 ACP at 740 fps for 1911 Single Stacks.

    - I am considering 9 Major and 38 Super Comp Major and Minor, but brass prices
      might bump this out of the realm of "great value".

Components: High quality Xtreme bullets will be used, but any bullets that you prefer can be substituted for actual cost difference.  Some may be cheaper; some will be higher.... Fiocchi primers and premium powders will also be used, but you can specify anything that you want.

Quality Control: Each round will be inspected and chamber-checked in Shockbottle case gauges.  And, (big surprise here), the Chronograph will be a huge part of quality control.  Each lot will be chrono'ed.

Pricing: Transparency is the watchword here.  You want value, so you can see it here.

     - Basic pricing will be "brass exchange".  This will be "cost of components" plus a
       little for labor.  This pricing will also include the 11% Federal Excise Tax that is
       due for all manufactured ammo and guns.
     - If you don't have brass, the additional charge will be whatever Brass Exchange 
       charges me.

     - Here's where you can REALLY save some cash...  There is a little-known
       exception to the FET rule: if the customer retains constructive title to the brass, it
       can be reloaded by a manufacturer without paying FET.  I will pass that 11%
       discount on to you, but you've got to give me a week or two to process your brass
       and get it loaded.  And "constructive title" is literal.  I have to load Bob's ammo with
       Bob's brass.  I can't use Tim's brass because it's clean and then give Bob's brass
       to Tim later.  Also, if you bring me 947 pieces of brass, I can't add the 53 pieces of
       brass to it to make an even 1000 without incurring the tax penalty on the whole

Pricing is still pending, as I am waiting to see what packaging will cost. Getting a price list out next week will be a priority.


Gun Cleaning Special:  Get the full-house, world-renowned CCGW cleaning job on your match guns, carry pieces, and hunting guns.  Most every gun will be only $25 each; complicated guns slightly higher.  (Glocks, M&Ps, 1911s/2011s, and the like are simple.  Benelli M-4s, piston-driven ARs, etc. are NOT.)  Turn-around time is typically less than a week.

We have finally decided to offer complete basic guns built on our Camp Creek Gunworks-branded Lower Receivers, in addition to the full-house competition guns that we've always offered.  We're calling these mil-spec guns the "Basic Defense" series.  They feature a 16-inch barrel with A2 flash hider, a flat-top upper receiver, free-float handguard, collapsible stock, mil-spec trigger, mil-spec pistol grip, and the Magpul MOE trigger guard.  Add a soft case and 30-round MagPul magazine.  Of course, like all CCGW products, they're backed by our "We'll make it right" warranty.  The price is only $749 plus tax. 

Speaking of AR's: we have some Noveske "Pig" compensators available.  We have two KX-5s in-stock and one used KX-3.  The KX-5 is the skinnier version of the original KX-3 and is available for $150 installed.  The used KX-3 is low-mileage and is available for $125 installed.  (The REALLY cool thing about the "Pig" is that, although it is not a "Suppressor", it does knock down a lot of the concussion from the .223/5.56 round that will bust an eardrum in confined spaces.  It ain't "silent" by any means, but you can definitely tell a difference.)

We have some new-in-the-box Glock .40 cals, with night sights and three magazines.  Normally, these would approach the $600 mark, but we've got two for $500 each.  

Additionally, we have a very lightly used Glock 34 in-stock for only $525.  Currently set up for Limited Minor Division with a magwell and 23-round mags, it'd convert easily for Production Division.  

We have a 6-inch 2011 in-stock in .40 S&W.  It is built light, so it swings well from target to target.  The extra sight radius makes mid- and long-range shots EASY.  Only $2700

Until next time, See you on the Range!!
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