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Message from the Director

Margaret Levi outlines the four framing concepts that increasingly will organize the Center's research programs and help serve the Center's overall mission.
CASBS Secures Support from Ford

A grant from the Ford Foundation, CASBS's creator in the early 1950s, will enhance the Center's capacity to better understand and combat the sources and consequences of societal inequalities.
Stanford Connections

One of the welcome implications of the CASBS renewal is the widening and deepening of collaborations with various Stanford units and people. It stimulates the intellectual life of the university and helps the Center serve as an innovation accelerator.
Considered one of the most influential and path-breaking social scientists of the past half-century, William Julius Wilson is a renowned scholar of race, inequality, and poverty. He will deliver a public lecture at CASBS on June 8.
Did you know George Shultz was a CASBS fellow in 1968? In an on-camera conversation with Margaret Levi and CASBS board member Ira Katznelson, Shultz recounts important lessons he took from the Center and implemented as U.S. Secretary of State.
Despite gains, more needs to be done to achieve gender equity in the tech industry. Current CASBS fellow Sapna Cheryan and former fellow Shelley Correll present their latest research on where we are still stuck and what we can do about it.
CASBS Community Making News
Meet Heather Munroe-Blum

Heather Munroe-Blum is a former CASBS fellow and has been a member of the CASBS board of directors since 2014. She served as Principal and Vice Chancellor (President) of McGill University for more than a decade, the first woman to hold this role. She is Chairperson of the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB). In addition, Munroe-Blum serves as director at Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) and Chair of RBC’s Corporate Governance Committee; and as a director of CGI Group and the Gairdner Foundation, where she also serves as Vice-Chair of the Board. She is a Member of the Trilateral Commission. 
Munroe-Blum is a distinguished scholar in the fields of psychiatric epidemiology and public policy. She has been recognized for her extensive contributions in science, health, and innovation with numerous honorary degrees and awards from domestic and international institutions. She is an Officer of the Order of Canada, Officer of the Order of Quebec, and a Specially Elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.
We invite you to learn much more about Heather.

Upcoming Events
Jonathan Jansen
March 21

William Julius Wilson
June 8

"Reflections on American Race Relations in the Age of Donald Trump"
Jennifer Petersen  
April 18
"When Freedom of Speech is More Than Words: Expression from Film to Code"
Andrew Lakoff
May 30
"How We Became Unprepared: Imagining Catastrophe from the Cold War to Bird Flu"
Former Fellows News

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View the newest additions to the Tyler Collection — works conceived, initiated, or completed by fellows during their residence and which acknowledge CASBS.
Kenneth Arrow

We remember the Nobel Prize winner, former fellow (1956-57), and longtime friend of the Center.
  In Memoriam  
Read here about members of the CASBS family who we've lost recently.

In a previous newsletter we noted the passing of Douglass North, former CASBS fellow (1987-88) and 1993 Nobel Prize winner in economics. Remembrances that followed included a tribute in the Washington Post by CASBS director Margaret Levi and former fellow Barry Weingast (1993-94).

North honored CASBS with a bequest. We seek to augment it and, in return, honor him by endowing a study in his name. Click
HERE for information on making a gift in memory of Douglass North.
Make a Gift to CASBS
COVERage: This is CASBS fellow Will Tiemeijer, both in the flesh and on the cover of the highly regarded (at least in The Netherlands) policy journal Zorg en Welzijn. Why is he on the cover? Is he famous? He at least must have done something good, right? And what does Zorg en Welzijn mean anyway? We know you're curious, so click HERE to get all the answers! 
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