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it's december!

Welcome to the holidays! All the cozy warmth and spirit of this time of year is wonderful, but it's also jam packed with events, lists, and perhaps confusion over feeling okay about enjoying ourselves after all that's happened. It's rather easy to skip the workouts. Don't do it! You'll feel so much better if you find time to get that sweat session in! You'll have a more joyful spirit in your heart and more energy to truly enjoy the season. Make it a priority because we all need it and you're worth it! It's a great present to yourself. Heck, it's a great thing to give to someone you care about. Because if you care about someone, yourself included, you care about their health. So go on. Connect with a friend, decide your fitness appointments, and then get out your phone and say, "Siri, schedule Zumba this week on _____". 😊

We wish you and yours the healthiest and happiest moments this season. May you know peace, love and feelings of comfort. From our family to yours, Happy Holidays! 

Roxanne & Angie

Calling all Zumba lovers, it's time for winter fun fitness!  Make yourself and your pocketbook happy.  The winter Zumba 20 Class Punchcard Sale is here!  Purchase now in class or online thru December 15th!

We want to help you find the motivation to ditch the stress and get your body moving at Zumba! So how about this? Join the #fitdecember challenge! For anyone that attends over 10 classes this month, you'll have a chance to win a prize package! One of the prizes will be a one-month free Zumba pass for the month of January! Perfect for helping you get a jump start on your fitness resolutions! Show us you're IN by adding the #fitdecember hashtag to your posts.. it may even inspire others to get moving too! Let's get Sonoma County active and able to be resilient and optimistic. Let's reach out and rise strong together! See you in class soon! ❤️💃💪🏼
friendsgiving 2017
It was an amazing event marked by giving spirits, grateful hearts and a whole lot of love. It filled our souls to see so many come together.. and everyone played a part. Whether you provided auction items, donated funds, attended, bid, instructed, or you continually support this fitness community, you made this possible. Together we raised $5000.❤️ 100% of that money will be donated to the RCU Fund for fire survivors and FISH Food Pantry. (You can find out more about FISH by clicking the image above.) Our hearts are full and grateful for this fitness family. And may the ripple effect be felt.. with the message that we will continue to love and support our fire survivors for the long haul.
"You've seen my descent. Now watch my rising." –Rumi
new logo gear!
You've seen this swank gear in class, be sure to get yours!  They feel awesome on, plus they're perfect for the chilly outdoors and sweaty Zumba classes. Tank: $30 (sm-xxl), Hoody: $45 (sm-xl), BUY BOTH: $65 deal!  Buy in person from any instructor now!  Limited quantity.
This Friday! Get your fun + festive holiday gear ready! We're going to rock the halls and jingle all the way.. because nobody likes it done half way. 😉 Join Angie + Roxanne for a festive $5 Friday Nite Zumba! Grab a friend and go ho ho ho!
You're Invited! Get jolly!
$5 Fri Nite Holiday Team Teach
DECEMBER 8th – 6:30pm
the Dance Center
56 w 6th st Santa Rosa CA

goodbye 2017!

So many of us CANNOT WAIT to say adios to 2017! We feel you! So let's all get together and welcome 2018 with arms wide open! We're so ready to celebrate, and together with our phenomenal fitness family, we're excited to make this next year something special!    
You're Invited!
Kick off the New Year right!
FITNESSforward 2018 
JANUARY 1st – 10:00am

the Dance Center
56 w 6th st Santa Rosa CA

december schedule

why zumba
By Susi May

March 27, 2017

The death knell to my decades-long attempt to love running came from the numbers my heart rate monitor displayed at the end of a Zumba class. The amount of calories burned after dancing full out for 60 minutes was as high, if not higher, than what I was burning during my sad, lonely, 10-minute-mile-pace hour-long runs. When I realized I could burn serious calories while having serious fun, I retired my running sneakers for dancing shoes and never looked back.

To me, dance cardio feels like a party; I leave the studio euphoric. And because I am a numbers gal, my good mood is definitely boosted by seeing the high number of calories burned. But to get that number high, you can't phone it in — you gotta work. Here's how to boost the intensity of the workout and burn even more calories in your next Zumba class:

Use your arms: Make your arm movements as big as you can, and embrace the choreography. Moving both your legs and arms in large ranges of motion is one of the physical benefits of Zumba, when compared to the more limited and concentrated forward motion found in running or cycling. Wave those arms in the air like you do care.

Catch air: After you've properly warmed up, do all of the jumps in every routine — so yes, you need to try the high-impact versions of the moves. If your knees are opposed to jumping, keep both feet on the floor but move with intensity and commitment.

Drop it low: When the teacher says go low, go low. There are many squat- and lunge-like steps in Zumba choreography, so take advantage of these strength-training moves and work your full range of motion. When you move bigger, you burn more calories.

Move like you mean it: Rather than throwing your arms about, imagine you're moving your limbs through something thicker than air, like water, to activate the muscles in your back, chest, and arms. If the choreo is quick, then do what you have to do to hit the beat, but if you're dancing a powerful paso doble, whipping your imaginary cape around, or cooling down with some dramatic flamenco moves, add some muscularity to the moves.

Just dance: To me, this is the most important advice on this list: let yourself dance and really give yourself over to the music, the rhythm, and the choreography. The more self-conscious you are, the less fun you will be having; you will be moving smaller and therefore burning fewer calories. So in essence, if you let yourself enjoy dancing, no matter how you think you look, you will get more out of the class both physically and emotionally.

I know not everyone is comfortable dancing, but every Zumba class can be considered a case of "fake it until you make it." The more you dance, the more familiar you become with the steps, but if you're pushing your comfort zone and having trouble mastering the choreography, remember: just keep moving, and have fun.

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