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We hear it all the time... from our moms to our motivational memes: Starting is the hardest part.

But sometimes, that’s not the case. Sure, diving into a big project, new job, or even choosing to improve your health, can take courage. But once you’re in it, you have to swim—and that can take more effort than anticipated.

There are waves.

A current drags you in an unexpected direction.

Other swimmers bump into you and you feel like you’re stalled and treading water.

It’s why we so often start things and abandon them halfway through—what was supposed to be the easy part, sandwiched between the herculean tasks of starting and finishing, suddenly doesn’t seem like such a breeze.

The messy middle is that part in between when things start to feel a little scrambled. Maybe it’s going a little differently than you’d anticipated, or maybe you can’t seem to remember why you thought this was such a good idea in the first place. Perhaps it’s the end you’ve lost sight of, and now your task feels like it might drag on forever.

Part of the problem is that we assume that by gritting our teeth and beginning, the hard part is over. But that’s often not true. In reality, the middle is volatile—a sequence of ups and downs, expansions and contractions. Once the honeymoon period dissipates, reality hits you. You’ll make progress and then you may stumble. It's at this point right here when you truly decide whether or not you'll stay resolved for the longhaul.

Success lies in getting through the mess of the middle. Here’s how.

1. Map out the Mess

Real talk: Things often seem messier in your mind than they really are. The next time you feel overwhelmed, try writing the steps down. Map out the things you’ve done, what you’re working on now, and next steps. Research shows that putting your goals down on paper makes us more likely to remember them, even when the going gets tough.

2. Recognize the Small Wins

The finish line can seem far away when you feel stuck in the middle. So instead of racing toward one big endpoint, break your goal into chunks to help you notice the small wins along the way. When we achieve—and acknowledge—small goals, the brain releases a hit of the feel-good chemical dopamine, which both boosts concentration and triggers us to want to experience that same sensation again (aka complete another task). That means that those small wins can spur a rush of motivation, driving you to your larger goal.

3. Get Comfy With Changing Course

By now, we’ve all seen enough motivational doodles to know that success doesn’t always look like a straight line—usually, that line goes up, down, left and right before it finally meets the end of its journey. But when it’s your line and not just a meme, that uncertainty can be a little harder to stomach. Remind yourself that it’s impossible to really know your path until you’ve embarked on it, and that taking two steps forward and one step back (or two pounds lost and one pound gained back the next week) might happen on your road to success. 

4. Call for Backup

You know those friends of yours? Your family? Those people you see every day? Use them as your support. Tell them what you’re doing and why, and ask them to hold you accountable by checking in on your progress. Let them give you something to answer to outside of yourself. Studies find that gentle peer pressure can actually be a good thing, forcing you to hold yourself to a higher standard because you know others are watching. 

5. Remind Yourself Why You Started

It’s easy to lose your mojo once you hit the middle. If so, take a moment to remember why you began. You can even say it out loud: What did you hope to (or need to) accomplish? Why did you start? What do you hope to gain? Checking in on your motivation—and verbalizing it—can bring you back to those early feelings of excitement that we’re misplaced along the way.

When you're able to stay motivated and achieve your goal, that pride of a job well accomplished is beyond comparison. Here's to making it through the middle.. we're here to support you!

See you at Zumba soon!

In good health, 

Roxanne & Angie

Buy Class Passes Online Now


👧🏼👦🏻 Starting in October, FITNESSforward will begin offering Kids' Zumba! It will be an ongoing weekly class and will follow the same pricing structure as our adult classes. This class will be taught by Emily Rossi! Emily has been teaching in Sonoma County schools and libraries and kids absolutely adore her! We are so excited to welcome her to team FITNESSforward!

Ages 6-10
Every Monday starting October 1st
5:00 - 6:00pm
Le Studio - 534 Mendocino Ave Santa Rosa CA 95401

New kid client: 5 for $25
10 class pass: $90
20 class pass: $160

We can't wait to welcome your kids and help them have fun while staying fit! :) Are you in? Awesome! You can get ready by creating an account using your child's name in Mindbody and buying them a class pass!


For a limited time...
September 1st - 9th

20 Class Card for $140 [reg $160]
{1 year expiration}

Other class card options:
$12 drop-in
5 classes for $25 {new client special}
10 classes for $90 {1 year expiration}
$120 one month unlimited
• $95/mo unlimited {3 month minimum contract} -- sign up in class

10 classes per week all in prime morning and evening timeslots in dance studios with spacious sprung 
dance floors, renovated facilities, available parking, and high quality sound systems in clean surroundings with welcoming and supportive people!


🇺🇸 HAPPY LABOR DAY!! Been a while since we've seen you? Come! Do we get to dance with you on the regular? Come! Never been to Zumba? Come! This is everyone's ZUMBA HOMECOMING! Where we all get to let loose and be welcomed no matter how long it's been! 

•• RESERVE A SPOT AHEAD thru Mindbody and you'll be entered for the chance to win class passes at the event! ••

DATE Monday, September 3rd
TIME 9:30am - 10:30am
INSTRUCTORS Angie + Roxanne
PLACE The Dance Center, 56 West 6th Street Santa Rosa CA 95401

*6:10pm class this day is cancelled

👯‍♀️ However you feel about the 'coolness factor' of Zumba, you can't deny that it's a refuge from the pressures of a media-driven world. You can dance with abandon, with a refreshing lack of judgement, and surrounded by zero pretense. Phones are put down, personal connections are the norm, and an air of inclusivity flows. 


👟 If you’re looking to grab a pair of Zumba-friendly shoes, this is a deal I thought I’d pass on. Here’s a 20% off coupon link for your first purchase at Ryka. This is the brand we wear. Check out their studio line for shoes that will help protect your joints thru the twists and turns. Grab a pair and come dance! ❤️

✨ Clear your calendar because this will be one event you will NOT want to miss! Last year's event sold out, so be sure to get your tickets ASAP! We want to celebrate our anniversary as FITNESSforward with you by throwing an incredible Blacklight Zumba Party! We'll follow that with apps, drinks, music, a raffle + more!

DATE Saturday, October 20th
TIME 6:30pm - 9:00pm
INSTRUCTORS Roxanne + Angie
PLACE Le Studio, 534 Mendocino Ave Santa Rosa CA 95401
Grand Raffle Basket Tickets: 3 for $20, 1 for $10

The Timeframe:

6:30 - 7:15pm > arrive & check in, get decked out in glow body paints & accessories

7:15 - 8:00pm > Blacklight Zumba!

8:00 - 9:00pm > reception with drinks, apps, raffle and music


We're ALREADY gathering up awesome prizes! Each time you come to class, you earn more chances to win! Every 5 classes turns into one "raffle ticket". Each class counts, so we'll keep tally of your visits, and you get to enjoy the benefits of your efforts and sweat! We love arranging for you to win these goodies.. you are incredibly awesome and you deserve to feel that! Drawing to occur at our Blacklight Zumba event on October 20th!

Stay tuned! Currently working on designs for new FITNESSforward logo gear! Can't wait to see you sporting our new looks soon!


🏃‍♀️ Ever have workout clothes that seem to have developed a lasting funk.. even after you've laundered them? Those clothes sit in your closet but you're nervous to put them on because the odor returns when your body heat increases and your sweat starts. Here's a pro-tip. I take some Clorox 2 colorsafe bleach (NOT regular bleach), in either liquid gel or pod form, put some in my sink, fill the sink up with water, and then let my clothes soak for hours before washing. I've found that the funky stankiness will be eliminated and your clothes will be revived for active use once again! Works great for keeping the funk from settling into newer clothes as well! 

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