We rise by lifting others. Let's Zumba!
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It's not what we're used to.
It's not what we expected.
But we can make the best of what we've got.
Get connected, get sweaty, and let's do what we can to ensure that this singular amazing Zumba fam can thrive when we all emerge again.

I'm here for you. Let me know if you need help with tech issues, if it's difficult to pay for classes right now, or you just want someone to talk to.

It's rally time.
I'm in.
Are you?

Put your best fit forward. Let's Zumba!

When all this first started, I was faced with some choices. Either I sit back to watch and wait this whole thing out, or I try to pivot and venture where I've never gone before.. online classes. All I knew was that I wanted to help keep people healthy, especially when that might be one of the best (and least talked about) defenses against this virus. So, I dove head first into the deep end. And many of you guys threw on your virtual swimsuits and cannonballed in with me. And I thank you!

Since then, I realized that many people's schedules had shifted, so I added a few classes to the schedule. Here is the current schedule of classes. All can be accessed via Zoom. All payments still happen through your accounts on Mindbody.

The main obvious difference is that they're online. And while a few speed bumps can arise and overall it calls for a mindset of flexibility, I think that it's a great temporary solution to the alternative.. which would be no cathartic happy Zumba time. And that's just not okay! :) I'm hopeful that each class gives you an hour of normalcy and familiarity during this super abnormal time.

So if you haven't already, join in the fun, clear your mind, and spend time in this happy place! Just click on the Zoom link to register for access to the class you're interested in. You'll then get an email with followup instructions. And your first online class is free!

Links to Register for Classes

SUNDAYS - 10:00am
(Zoom meeting begins at 9:45am)

MONDAYS - 6:10pm
(Zoom meeting begins at 6pm)

TUESDAYS - 9:10am 
(Zoom meeting begins at 9:00am)

TUESDAYS - 3:10pm 
(Zoom meeting begins at 3:00pm)

(Zoom meeting begins at 6pm)

THURSDAYS - 9:10am 
(Zoom meeting begins at 9:00am)

THURSDAYS - 3:10pm 
(Zoom meeting begins at 3:00pm)

$5 FRIDAYS - 6:30pm
(Zoom meeting begins at 6:15pm)

For the first time in... ever... I'm offering the 1 month unlimited pass at a massive discount. I may have been temporarily touched in the head when I decided this, but go ahead and use that to your advantage. ;) Nah.. I just want to remove roadblocks so everyone can stay active in a fun way. Do you have existing classes left on a punchcard? No worries.. they will still be there after your unlimited pass is done and I will extend their expiration date by a month for all whom have purchased this pass. Please note: the unlimited pass is valid until one month from the date of purchase.

So, in the name of health, optimism, your budget and sanity, I hereby offer up for your consideration, a month of unlimited online Zumba for $50 (a $70 discount). Buy it now, use it to your heart’s content, and show this month you aren’t going to take it lying down. You’ll have your ticket to physical, mental and emotional resilience.. sweaty endorphin elevating Zumba!

Here’s your link to purchase. I'll see you online soon!

Plans for Reopening

I want to reassure all of you that your health and safety as well as my own have and will always be my top priority. That will guide me as I work and cooperate with our amazing studio owners to create protocol that ensures cleanliness, minds state guidelines and supports your well being. Fitness businesses have been classified as part of Phase 3 of the reopening plan and as of now we have yet to learn what that means in terms of timing. Once I learn more, rest assured that you will be hearing from me with additional information. Until then, I will continue to work hard to bring you quality online Zoom classes and I appreciate your support and love. We are interconnected and I will do all I can to protect and preserve our Zumba family.

Join in on this celebration of moms!
Register for class now
and I'll see you this Sunday at 10am
to start your day joyfully!

Here are some helpful services that you or someone you know may find useful. You can reach me at any time if you need confidential support or help.

Food Support
Redwood Empire Food Bank, is helping hundreds of families during the COVID-19 crisis. They provide free groceries at many locations, can help with CalFresh applications, and even help families find diapers. Visit for more information, or call 707-523-7903.

Mental Health Support
A warm line for emotional and mental health support is now available to any County resident experiencing emotional side effects of the pandemic and/or the shelter in place order, or knows somebody who is. This free and private warm line is available seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Service in Spanish is also available, as well as telephone interpretation for other languages.
Please call: 707-565-2652, or visit for more information.

Here’s something I didn’t know, but once I came upon this info, I wasn’t surprised. Nearly 90% of the county’s businesses have fewer than 20 employees. From retail to restaurants, tourism to agriculture, beauty to fitness, the economic engine of Sonoma County is the entrepreneur and small business owner. And I believe we pride ourselves on that, as it makes us who we are.

Small businesses not deemed essential may be faced with the immediate shut-off of revenue without a similar shut-off of costs – like rent, utilities, phone and other basic operational expenses. While the most recent federal stimulus package provides what should be critical lifelines to help small businesses make it through the health crisis, the time delays in applying for and receiving the money may be too long for some businesses.

Additionally, when Shelter in Place occurred, our area small businesses were still recovering from significant setbacks starting with the fires of 2017. So our local businesses, which really just translate to our neighbors, our friends, our families, all woven together in this inter-connected community, face a unique situation akin to an economic hourglass rapidly draining. We may emerge from our homes to find that the businesses we know and love, and still wanted to frequent, are gone. 

But we can't let that happen without first trying to help. We have to change our mindset and our behaviors. Each of us. Quickly. When we have a need, our first thought must be: can it be fulfilled locally, despite a possible inconvenience? From sourcing consumer goods to buying gift cards now for future services, from reaching out to your local restaurant to logging into local online fitness classes, put our Sonoma County small businesses on your radar first. For example: need your hair color touched up? Perhaps your stylist can offer you a color kit that you can self-apply at home. We have to think outside of our boxes and be willing to adapt. When that money flows back into our area, it only further strengthens our chances of recovery.

So what homegrown good or service can be used or practiced by you? 

“Going to ZUMBA is always worth it, and so awesome. Started out feeling terrible this morning--but because of my unlimited month, I showed up, and Roxanne and the class turned my day around. Thank you!!!!”
- Elizabeth S.

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