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I certainly hope this note finds you well, and in the midst of wrapping up this crazy year in a happy, peaceful, and loving way. While this year has had more than enough overwhelming ups and downs, about midway through I followed the urge to answer opportunities that would help me continue to tip the balance towards the positive. It may sound simple, but as we know, the devil is in the details. From this pandemic shuttering my beloved in-person business, to a broken foot, to fire evacuations, to various other situations in my family... it was a list that was loaded with stress and not unique to me. Each of us has had our own version of our 2020 list and I have been worried about how each of you, and our community overall, have been faring. I decided to keep offering what I could to promote our mental, physical, and emotional wellness. I began offering my fitness classes online, I invested in more personal education, and I am expanding what I'm offering to those that want to feel whole and well.
On that note…
I’m so excited to share that I’m officially a certified professional work and life coach! I trained through a six month UC Davis program with master-level International Coaching Federation coaches, shared the time with a cohort of incredible people, and found that my experience and learning greatly exceeded my expectations. Most importantly, I discovered and practiced a methodology that can help an individual accelerate their progress in becoming the person that they want to be with a life they’re proud to lead. I cannot emphasize enough how much it perfectly and genuinely aligns with what I’m about and complements all the work that I’ve already been doing through Zumba. I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to continue offering fitness classes while also better serving my world in this way. The mental and emotional health field is of critical importance now more than ever.
Please visit my new virtual space.
This new part of my business, Focus Forward Coaching, can be found here: Please come and take a look around. If you know anyone that needs support in building forward momentum in any area of their wellness, life, or career… if anyone feels stuck, disconnected, or someone is looking for clarity and needs a champion, I hope you’ll forward my information and send them my way. A coaching partnership can help build a life that is rich with meaning and joy. A complimentary chemistry session can be scheduled directly within my site, and please feel free to share my email,
New event announcement coming soon!
I can’t wait to share more about an event series soon to be launching on January 24th. A fellow coach and I have put our heads together and created a six-week workshop structure that will help people do some re-grounding and self-discovery, break through some limiting beliefs, and design goals and action plans that will help them make their dreams come to life. We’re really excited about what’s in the works for this group coaching program and we know that it has the tools and resources to really change lives. And you know me, I refuse to hawk quick-fixes and empty promises. I hope you’ll opt in as a participant or will share it with anyone you think may benefit. We’re calling it 2021 Determination and you can read more about it here. And keep your eyes on your inbox for a more official announcement coming very soon!

Zumba continues!
While fitness may not look exactly how it did before mid-March, it’s still important ­– if not more important than ever ­– to stay active and healthy. To help aide in your commitment to yourself, I pivoted to Zoom classes when the shelter in place first occurred. As soon as I was allowed, I began offering a safe, weekly, in-person outdoor class on Sundays. I’m also continuing to offer a deep discount on my monthly class pass ($50 vs $120) throughout this time. The only constant thing is change and I will continue to try and adapt. 
I feel you. We’ve been dealing with stress, pain, and losses unlike ever before. We’ve endured layered traumas. As we continue on, our ability to confront realities in a healthy way depends on our choices. The choice to honor the hard times and what they are teaching us rather than allowing them to own us. The choice to question the narrative that the day, year, or world is hopeless and find small moments of positivity. Moments and shifts of perspectives that can be strung together until we've reformed a connection to our optimism, our community, and our overall health. It’s possible. Zumba can help. And I invite you back to it. Let’s make positive things happen, together!
Zumba Schedule
  Outdoors (weather permitting)
     Sundays 10am
     Mondays 6:10pm
     Tuesdays 9:10am + 3:10pm
     Wednesdays 6:10pm
     Thursdays 9:10am + 3:10pm
     Fridays 6:30pm
Please register for all classes via Mindbody.
My deepest thanks and gratitude.
If you are receiving this email, it’s because in some beautiful, amazing way you’ve helped me grow. I want you to know how much I appreciate how you’ve been a part of my life, graced me with your support, touched my heart, and allowed me into your world. This personal endeavor has been incredibly important. And I will continue to do what I can to contribute to and encourage you and our community.
I hope to hear from you soon! Again, all the most beautiful wishes for you and your family. May all of us find great joy and grand possibilities unfolding for us in 2021 and beyond. We certainly deserve it. Cheers to you!

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