Sunday, April 22 / Domingo, 22 de abril
Adult Bible Study / Estudio bíblico 10:00 am
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Grupo de oración dominical 10.50 am
Sunday Worship Celebration with /
Culto de adoración dominical con

The Rev. Kaji Douša
11:00 am

What is in a Life?

Beloved Church,
This coming Sunday will be incredibly special. Not only do we get to hear an incredible word from our beloved Pastor Kaji, and experience week two of “Examining Your Wallet” with Rev. Mieke, but we also get to gather after our worship service at 2 pm this week to share and remember the life of our beloved brother in Christ, Frank Tyson. It is going to be a week filled with love and support and I hope to see you there.
There was an article this week on Buzzfeed that examined the life of a community of people in a place called “Slab City” in California.  Slab City is a place where people truly live “off the grid,” from society. As you wander the area, it pulls at everything in our consumer society that says, “this is not how someone should live.” Yet, this place exists as community in its truest form. There is love, dependency, and support from those living in Slab City because it is the only way a community like this can work. And I am not pulling from the article at this point, for I actually visited Slab City in 2009 while on a trip with my friends to the Salton Sea, Slab City, and Salvation Mountain. It was a place that I felt comfortably-uncomfortable. The energy of this sacred space felt strange yet still familiar. I tried not to stare, yet when I did, I was met with smiles and “hello’s.” I heard stories, laughter, and tears. People spoke openly of their journeys with culture, family, and God.  I was reminded of this community when I read this week’s scripture from 1 John, that calls us to remember our covenant as created people building a community in Christ’s name.

This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ died for us. And we, too, ought to lay down our lives for our sisters and brothers. If you have more than enough material possessions and see your neighbors in need, yet close your hearts to them, how can the love of God be living in you? My children, our love must not be simply words or mere talk-it must be true love, which shows itself in action and truth. This, then, is how we'll know we belong to the truth; this is how we'll be confident in God's presence, even if our consciences condemn us. We know that God is greater than our consciences and that God knows everything. And if our consciences do not condemn us, my friends, then we have the confidence before God, and we will receive whatever we ask from God's hand-because we keep the commandments and do what is pleasing in God's site. The Commandments are these: that we believe in the name of God's own Jesus Christ, and that's what we love one another as we were told to do. Those who keep these Commandments live in God and God lives in them. We know that God lives in us by the spirit given to us.
(1 John 3:16-24 ILB)


Loving one another is hard y’all. It’s not that we can’t love, it’s that loving like Christ – profoundly unconditional – is a real challenge. The most challenging part is that through my own gaze as a white woman, I have been conditioned in this world to see things a certain way. I see need where others see stability. I see hope where others see fear. A community like Slab City, brought my gaze into focus. It made me see God where I saw the disenfranchised. It made me see home where I used to see only shelter. Our own gaze limits our ability to see the expansive nature of God. But this text gives us a God gaze. And with a God gaze we experience through the people we meet and the places we go, a God is bigger than anything we can imagine. And a God at work in the places we think are forgotten. God is at work beyond life and death, beyond love and despair. Faith in this knowledge helps open ourselves up, to truly living a life that keeps the commandment to love our neighbor. Because living in community, living amongst the created beauty gifted to us by our God, is what turns living… into life.
Church, we have been gifted the grace of God’s love and guidance in unimaginable ways. My hope for you this week is that you breathe deep in the knowledge that God is at work, and may your feet be firmly planted in a life that deconstructs your own gaze to see everyone in the image of God.

Shalom Y’all.
Rev. Stephanie
Children and Youth Ministry

from Rev. Francesca Fortunato, Children and Youth Ministry Leader

On Sunday April 15th, the Park Sunday school children read Luke 24:36-48 (The Great Commission). We discussed the ways that the first disciples continued to teach others about the things that Jesus had done and taught, attracting new followers to the church with their teaching and preaching. Our response activity was a dramatic play experience, in which children took turns playing the role of Teacher, standing up in front of the class at the White Board, telling us what they knew about Jesus. There was a lot of giggling, but also plenty of good discussion, including expression of the ideas that, “Jesus was a good person who fought against injustice.” That Jesus “taught about peace and love.” And that Jesus “lives in all of our hearts.”

On Sunday April 22nd, the Park Sunday school children will 1 John 3:16-24. We will discuss the idea that some of our beliefs and ideals are important enough to make real sacrifices for, especially the teachings of our Christian faith. Our creative response activity will be the writing of a collaborative poem, about the things that are most important to us, and worthy of struggle and sacrifice. We will also illustrate the poem, and then hang it on the wall of the Children’s Ministry space, as a reminder of our purposes, as a Christian community.
A Celebration of the Life of Frank Tyson will be held
at The Park at 2 pm on Sunday, April 22

Money carries a lot of weight in all of our lives, but the weightiness often goes unexamined. That weight without examination, however, can get in the way of our spiritual and fiscal health. In this three-part series, we will examine what makes up our financial stories, and what God has to do with it. We will do this through exploration of the Bible, and the theologies of money that we find within it, in addition to our own experiences and their grounding in the particularity of the culture that has had a hand in creating us. 
The hope is that through this workshop we might bring a fresh energy to the ways that money holds us back and can propel us forward into living into God's call on our lives. 
While each part of the series builds on each other, we welcome you to one, or all parts. 
Mieke Vandersall is an ordained pastor in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and a fundraising and communications consultant. She is working on The Park's capital campaign with us. She is the principal of Vandersall Collective, a boutique firm in New York City, in addition to the church planter for the congregation called Not So Churchy. Mieke is a graduate of the College of Wooster and Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York.

This gathering begins at 6:30 pm. 
You can reach Jeanette at

To combat gender-based  violence, Rep. Jan Schakowsky and Sen. Jeanne Shaheen have re-introduced the International Violence Against Women Act (I-VAWA) in the House of Representatives and the Senate, respectively. I-VAWA was first introduced in Congress in 2007 and has been re-introduced every session of Congress since. I-VAWA would provide essential support for proven strategies to prevent and respond to violence against women and girls. It also would bolster the efforts of women and men around the world who are working to reduce gender-based violence in their communities.  There are many ways you can show your support for this bill.  You can join the UCC Justice and Peace Action Network, in supporting the prevention and the survivors of gender-based violence by contacting your elected officials and by taking other actions found at: 
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