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Let me level with you: I've been feeling pretty down on the internet lately. From the beginning, the internet was meant to democratize information, provide equal opportunity, and best of all, connect us to each other. Yet, some decades post-invention, the former underdogs of technology have created quite a different ecosystem. 70% of internet traffic (and therefore, information) is controlled by Facebook and Google. Tech institutions' lack of diversity begets biased products. Connections on social platforms are increasingly commodified and substituted with content. I don't have exact solutions, though I know real communities and a true customer focus are more important than ever. And, all systems reset at some point, right?

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"It's not a faith in technology. It's faith in people."
- Steve Jobs


Skim this report in The Washington Post on American Millennial attitudes towards race. Political implications aside, I can't help but wonder how this data stacks up against social media usage and density of networks. Do social networks reinforce our points of view rather expand them?

Spend time with (and then, pass along) this HRB article on reducing discrimination in online marketplaces. There isn't a one-bullet solution – community, product, design, and policy all need to work together. This article should be required reading for every tech company.

Where technology and networks fall short, informal communities and groups pick up.

How Facebook's "People You May Know" Feature Works

The Web Began Dying in 2014, Here's How

Wow, scary→  The Year in Push Alerts: How Breaking News Shapes Our Lives, Slate

Always put in the real work.

📟 A great application of technology, IMO. 🦈

😢 When Friendships End, Dear Sugar (podcast)

Last week, Loyal Client Grammarly launched an iOS keyboard, and now I can't imagine my phone without it. Read up on how Grammarly's customers make their algorithm smarter.

For fun! How 🎈🎈🎈 are made

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