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Summer 2016
Hot topic

The French Technological Research Institutes (IRT) meet each year to present their research activities and results to academic and industrial stakeholders. The fourth edition of the IRT Forum will be hosted by SystemX in the EDF Lab Paris-Saclay R&D center on October 18th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The detailed agenda of the event will be available soon. 


Viva Technology Paris

Viva Technology Paris, the biggest event devoted to startups and innovation gathered for its first edition from June 30th to July 2nd the world’s digital transformation leaders, including thousands of startups and international companies. Paul Labrogère, Autonomous Transport and Internet of Trust Programs Director, and Jakob Puchinger, Anthropolis Chair Holder, participated in a panel session about “Smart Cities” at the Cisco and Vinci Energy booth.


Futur en Seine

Cap Digital Cluster organizes each year "Futur en Seine" event which is dedicated to French startups and innovation. SystemX attended the event and held a booth from 9th to 12th June to present its researches in cybersecurity, autonomous transport and smart territories, and its new initiative dedicated to open innovation: START@SystemX. 


Systematic Annual Convention

The Systematic Annual Convention took place on June 8th, in Paris. This event gathered more than 600 participants around prestige lectures, thematic workshops, networking sessions and a showcase of technological demonstrations. François Stephan, Deputy CEO – International & Development, participated in a panel session about next innovation challenges. In the afternoon, Charles Kremer, Smart Territories Program Director, and Carlos Cunha, Cap Digital Deputy Delegate, conducted a workshop on START@SystemX.


So Mobility

SystemX signed a collaboration agreement with Issy Media, which is part of the So Mobility consortium. Thanks to this collaboration, SystemX will conduct field experiments with So Mobility for the MSM project.


Alliancy Award

SystemX is partnering the Alliancy Award, which recognizes the best alliances between large companies, SMEs, public authorities, startups and the digital industry players. On June 20th, the Hub Bpifrance hosted the awards ceremony. Eric Perrin-Pelletier, SystemX CEO, was a member of the jury. 


IEEE 2016

SystemX is partnering the 2016 IEEE International Conferences:

Those three conferences will take place in Paris from 24th to 26th August.
Talents in motion
Aurélien Carlier, PhD student, completed his doctoral thesis on the following topic: “Optimization of a multimodal transport system for large urban areas”. He came back on the three years of his doctoral thesis within the MIC project.
IRT Ecosystem
Investment for the Future Program
In June 2016, the French President announced that 10 billion euros would be devoted to a third Investment for the Future Program, thus adding futher to the initial wish and addressing three priorities: support training and research progress, valorize research and accelerate modernization of businesses.
Discover in video the Investment for the Future Program

IRT B<>Com
B<>Com organized the {dive} event on July 7th in Rennes: the first edition of a multidimensional, multisensory global convention dedicated to innovation that puts user experience first. 100 participants shared about user experience as a key to innovation. Find out more

IRT Saint-Exupéry
On July 5th, Saint-Exupéry inaugurated new premises in Bordeaux-Talence Arts et Métiers campus. This place is dedicated to multi-partnered innovation and training.

Paris-Saclay Connexion

On July 5, the urban community of Paris-Saclay organized the “Paris-Saclay Connexion”: the ecosystem's startups, SMEs, industrial companies and universities gathering. The event’s objective was to support companies, by helping them to develop their business sustainably. Almost 600 participants attended this gathering.


Université Paris-Saclay Summer Agenda

Université Paris-Saclay published the summer edition of its agenda: the upcoming major events of its members and partners.

Coming soon!




Systematic "Telecom" Plenary Meeting


Systematic "ICT & Health" Plenary Meeting


START@SystemX kick-off


Systematic "Intelligent Management of Energy" Plenary Meeting


Systematic "Design and Systems Development Tools", "Transport and Mobility" and "Digital Cities" Plenary Meeting


Systematic "Digital Trust and Security" and "Digital Cities" Plenary Meeting


Smart Manufacturing Paris-Saclay




Systematic "Open Source Software" and "Information Systems" Plenary Session


SMEs Ambition Day


Collaborative Engineering Day


2016 IRT Forum
R&D projects

Autonomous Transport

CTI project
SystemX launches the CTI (Cybersecurity for Intelligent Transport) project. The project's goals are to:

  • Undertake industrial research in the three fields of application – automobile, rail and aeronautics, so as to transpose the most innovative and relevant good practices and IT solutions into the world of cyber-physical systems in which cybersecurity has a direct impact on operating safety.
  • Federate and share skills on the basis of a research and experimental platform in cybersecurity, dedicated to intelligent transport systems.
ELA project
The ELA (Automotive Electronics and Software) project ended. Launched in July 2013, this project aimed to provide operational solutions allowing one to respond to the new technological and economic challenges in the automotive industry, notably with regard to network-connected vehicles and driving assistance systems. Discover the project's highlights and results by browsing its interactive timeline.

Internet of Trust

EIC project
On June 9th, CAP’TRONIC organized a seminar on “Cybersecurity – IoT and embedded system”. Philippe Wolf, EIC project manager, presented the CHESS, Cybersecurity Hardening Environment for Systems of Systems, platform.


Smart Territories

MIC project
The “MIC@SystemX 2016” event held on June 7th. A demo-tour enabled the MIC project’s team to share their results with industrial and academic partners. 

MSM project
SystemX launches the MSM (Modeling Mobility Solutions) project. The purpose of this new project is to provide solutions that improve traffic flow for users in urban areas.

SCE project

  • SCE just established a new partnership with soluNergie; which supports local authorities in their energy transition. The company will work on a use case in cities about the energy contracts optimization.
  • On July 6th, the project organized the “SCE@SystemX 2016” event. On the agenda: a reminder of the project’s roadmap and objectives and a demo-tour.

Systems Engineering

SIM project
The SIM (Engineering and Multi-Disciplinary Simulation) project ended. Launched in June 2013, this project aimed to imagine the tools of the “product architect” and the methods of “model-based” multidisciplinary collaboration for the engineering of future products (hybrid cars, more electric aircrafts) that respond to environmental, energy efficiency, comfort and passenger safety issues. Discover the project's highlights and results by browsing its interactive timeline.

SIP project
The “SIP@SystemX 2016” event took place on June 30th. The project team presented its results to academic and industrial partners. Find out more

Ecole Centrale de Pekin
In June, Michel Batteux, OAR project manager, delivered a course on complex systems engineering at the École Centrale de Pekin, a CentraleSupélec school.

Japanese Visit 
On July 4, SystemX welcomed two representatives of the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST, under the authority of the Japanese Prime Minister, somehow equivalent to ANR in France), to present the French IRTs, the "pôles de compétitivité",  in particular SystemX and Systematic. On this occasion, SystemX explained its intention to collaborate with international Research organizations on different levels, including through joint PhD programmes and collaborative projects, which appeared to be of some interest to JST. Further discussions will be held.

Wallonia-Brussels Delegation
On June 14th, SystemX welcomed in its premises a Wallonia-Brussels Delegation. Charles Kremer, Smart Territories Program Director, presented the intitute's activities and roadmap.

Each month, renowned researchers come to SystemX to present a scientific topic around digital engineering.
In June, the institute welcomed two seminars:

  • June 10th – Frédéric Magoulès (CentraleSupélec), “Domains decomposition methods with asynchronous iterations”. 
  • June 24th – Dominique Sciamma (STRATE Design School), "Conceptions and innovations". Watch the replay
SiMSEO serves to raise companies’ awareness about current industrial challenges and train them to digital simulation practices.
In June, SiMSEO attended the NAFEMS 2016 conference to present its activities and conducted three information sessions. Other sessions are planned on July. Find out more 
SystemX is in charge of operating the SAAS Academy, which looks to ease the adoption of the Cloud in France and to support companies in their shift to the SaaS (Software as a Service) model.
As part of the Cloud Week, the IT supplier Arrow ECS organized on June 7th a BOOTCAMP afternoon with numerous workshops. Jean-Marie Davesnes, SAAS Academy project manager, conducted a workshop dedicated to software editors who wanted to speed up their business.

Renault and the Autonomous Car

In June, Renault presented in a  demonstration video its ambitions ant its autonomous car's roadmap for the coming years.

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