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Welcome to Newsfeed: the monthly report to keep you up to date on the SystemX happenings

Hot topics

SystemX released its 2016-2020 roadmap on the press
SystemX revelead the details of its 2016-2020 roadmap through a press release published on September 22nd. It is now possible to discover the content of the four strategic domains and the three research axes selected by the institute and how projects interconnect with it. Find out more

Breaking news

Global Forum in Finland
Eric Perrin Pelletier, CEO, François Stephan, International & Development Director and Philippe Wolf, EIC project manager participated, to the Global Forum in Finland on September 28-29th. François Stephan,  did a presentation about "New innovation strategies in a challenging glogal environment" explaining that Smart Territories are emerging as the global answer to some of the great societal challenges faced by today’s fast urbanizing world. Download his slide deck.

SystemX's Technological and scientific council met
SystemX's Technological and Scientific council met on September, 25th. Daniel Krob, the Technological & Scientific Director with Paul de Nazelle and Ali Koudri, in charge of the scientific animation seized this opportunity to present the result of their reflexion about the three research axes choosen by the institute for its 2016-2020 roadmap. They got excellent feedack from scientific council members.

SystemX participated to Systematic's plenary sessions
Frederic Da Silva and Maklhouf Hadji, research engineers, respectively present IRT SystemX and its projects at the occasion of the " Smart Energy management "and "Telecom - 'Digital trust & Security" plenary sessions organized by Systematic. Find out more about both Smart Energy Management and Digital trust & Security thematic groups


Paris-Saclay Open festival
Paris-Saclay University celebrated its first academy entry on October, 1st by gathering together students and staff of its institutions around activities throughout the day. In other things, a color run, outdoor games and concerts were organized. Find out more

My thesis in 180 seconds' International final
The international final of "My thesis in 180 seconds" took place on October, 1st. The event was sold out with 800 people in the Sorbonne's Auditorium. 16 candidates from 8 countries tried in 180 seconds to summarize and popularize their thesis. The winner of this edition is the Belgian Adrien Deliege, PhD student at Liege University, working on the climatic phenomenon called El niño. Watch his performance


"Complex System's architecture" by Daniel Krob
Daniel Krob, Technological and Scientific Director at SystemX, ran a seminar@SystemX on October, 23th about architecture of complex systems. You can watch the full video here.
*** Please note that the Seminar@SystemX will be now organized every two weeks. Next seminars are announced on SystemX's  website.

R&D projects

ISE project
Pierpaolo Cincilla, research engineer, participated to the IoT Workshop organized by Systematic and DigiCosme. He presented ISE project to experts about IoT issues as for example regulation and standards, experimentation platforms, security and privacy by design, horizontal approaches. Find out more

Besides ISE project participated to the 22nd ITS Bordeaux world Congress. They did a demonstration about embedded cybersecurity on their dedicated booth.

MIC project
Kwami Sossoe, PhD student, was selected with about fifty other PhD students to take part in a training course entitled "New Directions in Mathematical Approaches for Traffic Flow Management". The goal of this training is to share scientific advances in terms of  traffic flow management. Kwami Sossoe seized the opportunity to be in Los Angeles to strive for working with local researchers on a paper.  Find out more about this training

EIC project
On September, 25th, after his participation to the Technological and Scientific Council, Guillaume Poupard, CEO of ANSSI (French Information Systems Security National Agency), visited the Smart Territories lab and CHESS platform (Cybersecurity Hardening Environment for Systems of Systems), accompanied by all the laboratories' managers of ANSSI. Priorities shared between ANSSI and EIC project were discussed as for example connected transportation and security by design. 

SIP project
On September, 25th, The PLM implementor Forum was launched by ProSTEP and AFNET. At this occasion SIP project, its contribution to the AP242 benchmark, and the possible involvement to the PLM-IF were presented to the audience composed by software vendors and industrials from automautive and aeronautics sectors.

OAR project
At the occasion of the operating safety seminar organized on October, 2nd,
Michel Batteux, OAR project manager, presented the project's objectives and what have been accomplished this past year. Find out more about this seminar.


€3,9M fund raising for Krono Safe
Krono-Safe, partner on FSF project, raised €3,9M in order to reinforce its innovative offer: ASTERIOS, a software solution coupling a RTOS and a IDE, for actors in the sectors of aeronautics, automobile, railways and industrial automotion. Download the press release.

Prove&Run on BFM Business
Christophe Pagezy, founder of Prove&Run that is a partner of EIC project, was invited to participate to Good Morning Business-Culture Geek's show on BFM Busines. He discussed about the security of connected cars. He presented the revolutionary production method that Prove&Run designed and that certifies the development of software without almost any bug. Watch the full show.
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