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Welcome to Newsfeed: the monthly report to keep you up to date on the SystemX happenings

Hot topics


SystemX will open its doors on March, 6th for its annual event Future@SystemX. Research teams will bring to light the challenges to address and present the first projects' results during a demo-tour. A detailed agenda and registration form are available here! Follow @IRTSystemX on Twitter and join the event's conversation with #SystemX14.

Breaking news

SystemX is sponsoring the next ScilabTEC together with Inria. This conference will  take place in Paris on May, 15th-16th. This two-day event will show a rich program of Scilab applications and will be followed by an international call for papers. ScilabTEC is the annual meeting of current and future Scilab users which has become the major event of numerical computation and simulation community since 2009.

EuroCloud Europe Award 2014

François Stephan has been chosen by EuroCloud France to be one of the jury members for its 2014 Awards. There are seven categories awarded among which : "the start-up with the best business potential" and "the start-up with the best innovation potential". EuroCloud France is a professional organization aiming at fostering and developing Cloud Computing French market. Find out more about EuroCloud France.

Bluekiwi PhD "Student Room"

SystemX's PhD students form a new PhD group with the objective to exchange best practices and experience: tools and knowledge sharing, public talks, seminars' organization, support to newcomers. They have met for the first time in January and will repeat the experience once a month. Find out more on the PhD student room on BlueKiwi.

Taïwanese delegation

SystemX Institute and Systematic Paris-Region cluster joinlty welcomed a Taïwanese delegation from Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and Institute for Information Industry (III). James Roberts, Senior Researcher, showcased Cloud Computing and Network research challenges to address within SystemX. EPPS and FCS Campus Paris-Saclay were also invited to present the Saclay Plateau's mutation towards the Saclay cluster.


CSD&M 2014
The steering committee of CSD&M 2014 has decided on the main themes to be addressed during the next conference edition: Systems Modeling, Simulating and Decision Aid. Paul Labrogere and François Stephan, both Systemx's program directors, are taking part in the organizing conference committee. Visit the CSD&M 2014's website

Seminar about distributed high performance computing in Industry
MathSTIC department of Paris 13 University, Aristote Association and MACS-SupGalilée organized a seminar about "Distributed high performance computing in Industry" on January, 22th. This day was dedicated to parallel computing and domain decomposition methods for complex system calculation in Industry or applied research. Find out more here.

R&D projects

SIP project

SystemX launched a project called SIP (PLM Interoperability & Standards) intended to foster the emergence of "digital collaboration" within manufacturing industries (aeronautics, automotive, railway, and so on). A platform and a test methodology are expected in order to fasten the implementation of PLM interoperability and standards within the overall ecosystem. Read the presse release

The Forge

Paolo Crisafulli ran a heads up session about the Forge during which he explained how software engineering and IT infrastructure management have converged and how this can be used by SystemX's projects to build their IT infrastructure using the Forge resources. He also organized training sessions to help SystemX’s project teams understand git and setup their access to the git server hosted in the Forge. As a result, MIC project is now leveraging the Forge to host the CoSMo simulation engine, with the help of Jérémy Guillemot, Research Engineer in SystemX. Download the Forge presentation / Access to git resources on bluekiwi

LRA project

Valeo presented its new Head up display prototype integrated on a C4 Picasso at the end of the month. This device offers a wider image than the ones currently installed on automobiles. LRA project plans to develop the next generation Head up display including an enhancement of the projection distance and the extension of HUD's surface with the goal to cover half of windscreen.
© Valeo

Talents in motion

LISMMA's seminar
LISMMA, Supmeca's laboratory, is organizing a one-week seminar to help bring together its researchers. It is the occasion for them to present their research topic and interact with each other. Romain Barbedienne, PhD student on SIM project, and Hadrien Tournaire, PhD student on ROM project, will respectively present their thesis subject  "multi-physics sketcher" and "Methodology for the generation of dynamical reduced model - Reduction of an aircraft engine"

Modelisation and verification seminar
Valentin Perrelle, Research Engineer on FSF project, will give a talk during the Modelisation and verification seminar organized by LaBri laboratory in Bordeaux, on February 20th. In a presentation entitled "Static analysis of programs manipulating arrays", he will show how to verify that a program is reliable even in presence of arrays. Read his abstract.

Coming soon!

4-5/02: DED&M 2014 conference
ERTS2 2014 (Embedded Real Time Software and Systems)
12/02: SIA conference about components optimization
18/02 : Workshop "PLM Interoperability" with the contribution of Nicolas Figay, SIP project manager, and François Stephan, SdS program director
04/03: Introduction to Complex Systems Training session by The Cosmo Company

06/03 : Future@SystemX
IRT SystemX
8, Avenue de la Vauve

Mobilité@SystemX - 15 octobre 2019 - Paris
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