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SystemX's Industrial Rendez-vous
The annual industrial meeting was organized on June 24, 2015 to gather the industrial partners. For the occasion two partnered SMEs Prove&Run and OpenTrust illustrated how pivotal working with SystemX was for their business activities. In addition, the SystemX 2016-2020 Research & Technology Roadmap was presented and showed the value industrials will obtain by working with SystemX.

Breaking News

Activity Report 2014
SystemX has released its 2014 Activity Report, detailing the progress of its projects and the objectives that were met. See the full activity report here.

Futur en Seine #FENS15
This year SystemX participated in three events of Futur en Seine. On June 11, Francois Stephan spoke on the topic of connected vehicles that was organized in the framework of  the Think Tank "Living Things" led by Cap Digital, Systematic, and Moveo. On June 16, Francois Stephan once again partook in a discussion on Open Data as the fuel of Smart Mobility. Finally on June 17, Gaëlle Berthomieu participated in the Hello Tomorrow pitch contest @PROTO204. She spoke about the positive effect of making research laboratories collaborate and work with entrepreneurs.

NFI Autonomous Vehicle Anniversary
NFI Autonomous Vehicle celebrated its first anniversary. This programme is born from the necessity to create more ecological, more connected and more autonomous vehicles in the future. As a partner, SystemX was invited. Find out more of the New French Industrial Program

Docapost contest
Docapost has organized a contest for French IoTs in order to promote innovative start-ups in France with a chance to partake in CES Las Vegas in 2016. SystemX is a partner of the contest same way as Systematic and Cap Digital. Find out more


Secretary of State for Higher Education and Research
Thierry Mandon was nominated Secretary of State for Higher Education and Research on June 17, leaving his former positions as State Secretary to the Prime Minister in charge of State Reform and Simplification and succeeding over Geneviève Fioraso. Read the press release

SATT Paris-Saclay Presented its Call for Projects
After the first successful call for projects which yielded eight funded projects, SATT launched their second call for projects on June 1st, this time with a potential fund amount of 3.5 million euros. Find out more


IT Partners Club 
Francois Stephan, Program Director at SystemX, spoke during the dinner debate held for its IT partners club of Pour Action on the subjects of how to tackle digital changes in a world in a middle of a technological revolution. Learn more about the event here.

BFM Business
Francois Stephan appeared on BFM on the show “Au cœur du numérique” and spoke about the future of autonomous vehicles and internet connected objects.

SAAS Academy

After 6 months, SAAS Academy, operated by SystemX, has sensibilized 70 systems editors and coached 8 CEOs. This unique initiative in Europe aims to sensibilize 600 systems editors on the subjects of Systems as a Service by 2017. Read the press release.

R&D Projects

OAR project
The project was officially launched and the platform is available on the OpenAltaRica dedicated website. OpenAltaRica provides an integrated platform for risk analysis of complex systems based on the AltaRica 3.0 modelling language. Read the press release

MIC project
Eric Perrin-Pelletier welcomed Yves Lapierre, CEO of INPI with his counter part from Chili to present Paris-Saclay University, Systematic Competitiveness Cluster and IRT SystemX. MIC project was present to illustrate how intellectual property is managed by SystemX's projects. Notably they showed how a winning partnership is established between SystemX, SMEs and large groups.

SIM project
Laurent Gasser, senior research engineer, participated in the NAFEMS 2015 World Congress. He held a presentation on organizing the guided conception through simulation in a collaborative and multidisciplinary context. The themes of conceiving complex systems, and the preoccupations of the system architect such as environment and structure were presented. Download his slide deck

ARE project
James Roberts was invited to hold a presentation at the young researcher’s days of SAMOVAR-Télécom SudParis for the PhD Student Awards. The main theme is around the subject of communication networks and distributed systems. Learn more about the event here.

SCE project
Fallilou Diop and Ouail Al Maghraoui respectively PhD student and intern at SystemX, participated in the Innovation Summer Camp 2015 of University of Paris-Saclay. This summer camp confronted the importance of developing innovative solutions to tackle the environmental challenges we face today. The Summer Camp also featured a contest, and both of SystemX’s participants were part of the winning teams. Ouail Al Maghraoui’s team won the jury award with their project HomeTime, and Fallilou Diop’s team won the audience award with their project Malle Urbaine. Find out more

Talents in Motion

ISE project gains fund from Amazon Web Services
Pierpaolo Cincilla obtained a fund from AWS (Amazon Web Services) of $5,000.00 for the ISE project. The fund will help develop the PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) infrastructure that requires to be largely scalable. In addition the Amazon DynamoDB will be able for use for the development of application for fast and scalable storage. Read the full article here.


Tesla has now partnered with G2Mobility to provide recharging stations for Tesla Model S in order to provide an optimized service for French users. See the full article here.

Prove&Run held a day dedicated to the Internet of objects and Cybersecurity. Christophe Pagezy spoke about the importance of conceiving solid architectures for programs to keep them secure. See the full article here.

IRT Ecosystem

Nanoelec 3 Years Strong
On June 1st Nanoelec celebrated its third birthday. For the occasion, it held a presentation  to share the achievements of their research institute labeled “A project now reality”. Learn more about the event here.

Coming soon!

05-09/10: ITS World Congress
06/10: Seminar at SystemX showcasing Gérard Le Lann, Inria

07-09/10: October: AFIS EMEA Workshop
13/10: 3rd IRT Forum
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