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CHESS Platform unveiled to two French Ministers
The Comity for the Industrial Sector of Security (i.e CoFIS : Comité de la Filière Industrielle de Sécurité) got together on December, 1st to define the roadmap for the next 18 months. This meeting took place in Bernard Cazeneuve and Emmanuel Macron's presence, respectively Minister of the Interior and Minister of the Economy, Industry and Digital. SystemX had the opportunity to present its CHESS platform at this occasion. Find out more

Breaking news

CSD&M 2015
On November 23rd-25th, CESAMES organized the sixth edition of its event CSD&M, which focused on "Smart Cities : Systems Issues". SystemX introduced his strategic roadmap on this domain. Besides, PhD students from SystemX presented their publications. Find out more

OCSTI Seminar
SystemX participated in the first seminar organized by OCSTI (Observatoire Central des Systèmes de Transports Intelligents), on November, 25th. This event was organized in two parts: the first one was dedicated to embedded digital systems and the second one to the opportunities generated by smart mobility. This observatory has been established by the National Gendarmerie to be able to exploit data generated by future connected cars. Find out more about Colonel Marescal who is charge of the OCSTI.

Big Data Business Convention
On November, 24th-25th, SystemX participated in the first edition of the Big Data Business Convention organized by Université Paris-Saclay. The ambition of this event was to discuss during two days about big data's stakes and opportunities as for example its  economical and societal impacts. François Stephan was a speaker at the session entitled "Big data and energy". Find out more

Efficacity Research Seminar
SystemX' smart territories program was presented at the third research seminar organized by Efficacity on November, 5th. The event was dedicated to digital cities, energy efficiency, urbanism, and layout. Find out more about Efficacity

CESAMES' debate
On December, 3rd, SystemX took part of a debate about "innovation in complex systems", organized by CESAMES. These debates are organized twice a year and are focused on specialized topic, with a technical and or managerial dimension, linked to an architectural topic. Find out more

Digiworld Summit
SAAS academy spoke at the "Training and Cloud labels" Conference and shared its expertise to the audience explaining why it is crucial for software editors to evolve towards SAAS solutions.

Smart City Forum
SystemX was invited to the Smart City Forum by General Electric Grid Solutions, and contributed to a panel about the predictives technologies, the next step for smart cities. Find out more


Digital company Forum
CESAMES organized the "Digital Company Forum" (Forum de l'Entreprise Numérique in French) on November, 18th, to gather architects, managers and top management about the impact of Digital technologies on companies' business models. Best practices, tools and methodologies could have been shared. Find out more

Paris Open Source Summit
Paris Open Source Summit is the first european "free and open source" manifestation that was born from the merger of Solution Linux and Open World Forum events. The first edition took place on November 18-19th and gathered 3,000 participants. The objective of this event was to exhibit technological innovations and the economical dynamism of this industrial sector. Find out more

SATT-IncubAlliance Forum
IncubAlliance and SATT Paris-Saclay jointly organized the second Forum "Physique + Entrepreneuriat = création de valeur" at the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. This event was also supported by Université Paris-Saclay. The goal of this manifestation was to recall that physics is the origin of significant innovations and job creations. This event was successful gathering 350 participants. Find out more

R&D project

MIC Project
MIC project organized, for the second time, its event MIC@SystemX on November, 26th. Partners of the project were invited to exchange about  the research results. Discussions were supported by five demonstrations presented by the project team. A promotional video of the event will be released soon. Stay tuned! Find out more about this event

ISC Project
SystemX launched this project to handle complexity, risks and costs of the overall system's designing chain. ISC project aims at easing collaboration between all the actors of a project by providing them tools ensuring the global consistency of engineering data and better decision making. Read the press release.

EIC Project
ARCSI (Association des Réservistes du Chiffre et de la Sécurité de l'Information) organized a meeting about "Intelligence and Digital freedom" on November 13th. Philippe Wolf, project Manager, and Renaud Sirdey gave a talk entitled "Security of future smart infrastructures and new digital associated services". Find out more

SIM project
SIA (Société des ingénieurs de l'automobile) organized a seminar in SystemX's premises on November, 26th. Laurent Gasser, Research Engineer, presented his work in SIM project through a talk entitled "Designing complex systems through simulation". Download his slide deck


In November, Christian Surace, Research Engineer at CNRS, and Sébastien Tremblay, Professor at Laval University, both ran a Seminar@SystemX, respectively about Agility in a scientific project and about R&D partnership for smart solutions to city issues: Next seminars:
January, 12th - Jean-Luc Garnier, "Systems of systems: a new approach of system". Register here


SystemX signed a partnership with ICT4V
SystemX and ICT4V (Information and Communication Technologies for Verticals), an Uruguayan multidisplinary technological center in ICT have just signed a partnership agreement whose objective is to pool innovation, training and entrepreneurship skills about digital engineering of future systems. In the framework of this partnership, they will foster collaborations about open and experimental platforms related to big data, digital infrastructures and cybersecurity. Read the press release

BFM Business
SystemX was invited in the TV show "Les décodeurs de l'éco" to talk about how to better handle users' mobility. SystemX clearly pointed out that digital technology will be a factor of mobility improvement. For example, thanks to data analysis, engineers are able to understand users' behavior in crowded places and provide rerouting solutions in case of disturbance in the transport network. Find out more [replay].


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18/12: Open Innovation Forum
25-26/01/16: FIC 2016
27/01/16: Collaborative Engineering Forum
10/03/16: Future@SystemX 2016
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