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Welcome to Newsfeed: the monthly report to keep you up to date on the SystemX happenings

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2013 activity report
SystemX is pleased to present you the first activity report of SystemX Technological Research Institute which covers all the activities conducted under the auspices of the institute during 2013. Click here to download it.

Breaking news

SystemX had the pleasure to welcome Chris Paredis, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Tech, Atlanta, USA, for a seminar on the theme "the role of value-driven decision making in systems engineering and design". This first Seminar@SystemX was successful since it gathered more than forty people. Find out more here.

Les mardis de l'innovation
The April session was organized at the Institut d'Optique Graduate School (IOGS) and was dedicated to Paris-Saclay campus and its potential in terms of innnovation. Eric Perrin-Pelletier, CEO of SystemX, made a presentation of the institute to more than 100 people. Check all the videos.

OpenCompute Project seminar
SystemX hosted a seminar on the OpenCompute project (OCP), jointly runned by Splitted Dekstop and Cloudwatt, respectively represented by Jean-Marie Verdun and Fayçal Boujemaa. This was the occasion to present the research orientations chosen by the OCP FoundationFind out more and download the slide deck


Yves Caseau joins AXA
Yves Caseau, President of SystemX Technological and Scientific Council (CST) moved to its new duties as Director of AXA's digital agency. Read the interview he gave just after his nomination as President of SystemX CST.

Louis Schweitzer, new General Commissioner for Investment
Louis Schweitzer, former CEO of Renault, will succeed to Louis Gallois as General Commissionner for Investment. Find out more about his background

R&D projects

LRA project
In LRA project, SystemX is developing new critical software and usage expertises in the field of localization and augmented reality. The project targets automobile and railway markets. Read the press release.

FSF project
Albert Cohen, researcher at Inria, gave a talk at Collège de France during which he described the research work done in FSF project. He underligned the originality of SystemX functioning and notably the benefit of working jointly with industrial partners, on their technological problematics. See his overall intervention

CCO project
Makhlouf Hadji has an accepted paper in ACM SIGCOMM Workshop on Distributed Cloud Computing (DCC 2014). This paper presents a novel and original scalable linear programming algorithm, based on b-matching theory, to optimally solve the VM’s repacking (reassignment) problem with negligible SLA violations.

ARE project
ARE project aims at developing solutions for the future Internet by designing a new architecture that better meets requirementsof users, infrastructure and content providers, service operators. Learn more about ARE project.

Talents in motion

Irène Joliot-Curie award

Irène Joliot-Curie award aims at promoting status of women in French research and technology. To this end, this award highlights exemplary carriers of scientific women combining excellence and dynamism. Find out more about the categories and the application file

Coming soon!

15/05: CEA LIST seminar about decision-support systems
15-16/05: ScilabTEC
15-17:05: Futurapolis, with the participation of Paul Labrogère
20-22/05: PRACE training at Maison de la simulation: uncertainty and HPC on OpenTurns and Uranie software
23/05: Heads up session dedicated to Scilab tool and its features
. Find out more
4-5/06: French NAFEMS congress
2014 Systematic Convention
IRT SystemX
8, Avenue de la Vauve

Mobilité@SystemX - 15 octobre 2019 - Paris
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