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Welcome to Newsfeed: the monthly report to keep you up to date on the SystemX happenings

Hot topics

Gaël Varoquaux, researcher at Inria, ran a Seminar@SystemX on March, 19th entitled "From flop to success in academic software development" during which he explained the reasons why it is so difficult to build viable scientific code. If you missed his intervention, you can watch it here.

Breaking news

SAAS Academy began the coaching phase
While about 50 editors have attended the sensibilisation sessions, SAAS Academy has just launched the second phase of its program: the coaching sessions. This phase lasts 5 days, spread on a few weeks and covers both technical and business aspects. The four first software editors are currently following the process. A second wave of five editors will be coached from the end of the month. Find out more about SAAS Academy's program

Third meeting for SystemX's Scientific Council
SystemX's Scientific and Technological Council met for the second time, the day after Future@SystemX, the institute's annual event. Together with the brand new SystemX's Scientific Direction, they strived to define the scientific roadmap for the coming years. The result of their reflexion is now being finalized and will be released in the coming months.

LiveGrid Paris-Saclay: towards a multi-energy smart grid campus
On March, 17th, LiveGrid's consortium members have handed in their application for the call for interest dedicated to the implementation of experimental and multi-energy smart grids on the Paris-Saclay Campus. If this proposal is taken on, Paris-Saclay would become the european leader in this field. Systemx is one of the 26 consortium members, created in the framework of the New French Industrial Program. Find out more


#Techdays #cealist
CEA LIST, institute dedicated to research about smart digital systems, organized its techdays on March, 26th at Nano-INNOV. Robotics, embedded softwares and systems engineering were some of the themes discussed during round-tables and workshops. Find out more about this event

CSD&M's call for papers
CESAMES organizes every year the CSD&M conference, in Paris and since 2014 in Singapour as well. Calls for papers for these two conference are still opened. Do not hesitate to submit a paper for Parisian or Singaporean Conference! 

Simulation for the autonomous vehicle: talk at Cory’s users Club 
Corys is a major French simulation solution provider. François Stephan, Program Director at SystemX, participated to Corys' users club that took place on March 25th at Grenoble. He gave a talk about digital simulation based on the example of the autonomous vechicule. Download his slide deck

R&D projects

SVA project
SystemX launched a new project called SVA: Simulation for autonomous vehicule safety. Its goal is to make possible validation and system security of automated vehicules on the basis of simulations. Jean van Frank, is in charge of this project. Read the press release

SIM project
Goknür Sirin defended her thesis entitled "Using Systems Engineering Methods to Support Multidisciplinary Collaborative Model Development Process" in the course of March. Daniel Krob, SystemX's scientific Director, Chris Paredis, GeorgiaTech University and Eric Landel, Renault were part of the jury. Find out more about her thesis

Talents in motion

My thesis in 180 seconds
The Paris-Saclay final of My thesis in 180 seconds will take place on April, 16th. Timothée Leblond, PhD student at SystemX, figures among the twelves finalists. The candidate that will be selected will participate to the national final.  You will find all the information here to attend the final


The Cosmo Company won the Pépite Trophee
The Cosmo Company, start-up partner of MIC and SCE projects, won the "Trophée Pépite du Grand-Lyon". This award recognizes the company with the greatest growth potential among members of 2013-2014 promotion. The Cosmo Company is helping companies to improve their core activities using CoSMo complex system modeling and simulation platform.

Alliancy's price
Alliancy, the magazine dedicated to new digital technologies, organized a prize ceremony on March 17th, to reward the best open innovation examples. OpenTrust, partner of Systemx, and more especially of ISE project, won the Innovation Price for its innovative solution of digital signature for HR processes. This price was presented by François Stephan.
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