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Welcome to Newsfeed: the monthly report to keep you up to date on the SystemX happenings

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President's best wishes

Pascal Cléré, SystemX's President is delighted to deliver you his best wishes for 2014. Read his message here.

Breaking news

CSD&M 2013

SystemX participated actively to CSD&M (complex systems design & management) conference last December. Eric Perrin-Pelletier was one of the keynote speakers and got the opportunity to present SystemX to the international audience. François Stephan and Paul Labrogère are members of the organizing committee for the 2014 edition of CSD&M. Read more about CSD&M 2013

Heads up!

On December, 13th, Patrick Leboeuf and Pierre Gohar, respectively Director in charge of research and Director in charge of innovation and business connections came to SystemX's premises to present the Paris-Saclay University project. Patrick Leboeuf focused on the research and training organization within this news organism and Pierre Gohar explained SATT's functioning (Technology Transfer Acceleration Service).

First meeting for the Technological and Scientific Council

The Technological and Scientific Council got together for the first time on December, 12th. The program directors showed off the technological roadmap giving details on the strategical axes choosen that will determine the Institute's scientific directions. Find out more about this venue

Education and training at SystemX

SystemX released a part of its education and training program which is a new kind of internship based upon the collaboration between academic and industrial organisms: the CREE project. Check all the vacancies.


Cloud computing meeting
In the framework of the "34 industrial plans" project launched by the French government, project managers have been designed for each one of these plans. The one dedicated to cloud computing is led by Thierry Breton, Atos' CEO and Octave Klaba, OVH's CEO who organized an information meeting at Cap Digital about what they plan to do. They are supposed to hand in a report detailing the current situation and their key measures to ease and support the development of a Cloud ecosystem in France.

Jean-Luc Beylat, elected President of AFPC
December marks the creation of the French association for the competitiveness clusters (AFPC) that encompasses the 18 world competitiveness clusters of which Systematic Paris-Region is a part of. Jean-Luc Beylat, also President of Systematic Paris-Region, has been elected to run this association. This new initiative shows that the competitiveness clusters strenghten their collaborative dynamic to ease the launch of shared actions. Read the press release.

R&D projects

Use the Forge!

The Forge is now operational and can be used by any SystemX project's member. It is already used by ELA, FSF, IMM, ROM, SIM, and soon MIC projects. You may recall that the Forge comes in two flavors: a ready to use Git server for source version management on the one side, along with a FlexNet license servers; on the other side, tools and guidance to host your own custom server infrastructure in a private cloud. The community is growing, we strongly advise you to join and leverage its flexible and reliable toolset. Paolo Crisafulli will run a heads up session about the Forge on January, 17th . His abstract will come soon on BlueKiwi.

FSF project

Frédéric Tuong and his supervisor Burkhart Wolff formalized the OCL semantic (formal language associated to modelisation languages), whose status was so far "informative". They will submit it as the new standard to the Object Management Group (OMG).

MIC project

The project team met CAPS (Communauté d'Agglomération du Plateau de Saclay) and EPPS (Etablissement Public Paris-Saclay) about transportation and mobility on the Saclay plateau. They are discussing potential joint experimentations on these matters.

APA project

This new project was launched on December, 1st and aims at studying technical and scientific principles as well as necessary requirements for the conception of a new generation environment of numerical simulation. This is the first project about high performance computing in the Institute. Find out more about APA project.(press release is coming soon)

Talents in motion

Awarded researcher

Frédéric Magoules, who is working on the APA project, received the CUDA Research Center Award for his work about applied mathematics and scientific calculation on graphics processors. Read the comprehensive news

Coming soon!

17/01: Heads up session about The Forge, run by Paolo Crisaffuli
12/02: SIA conference about componant optimization
13/02: "Integrative Research day on the Saclay Plateau

13/02: Techinnov
06/03: Future@SystemX
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