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Hot topics

Tomorrow's Transportation
On April, 21st, François Stephan, Program Director at SystemX, participated to BFM Business' TV and radio show called "Les Décodeurs de l'Eco" to talk about future transportation modes. This debate was provoked following the new speed record of a Japanese train achieved earlier that day (603kph). François Stephan notably reminded that safety will be at the heart of the future vehicles and is one of the problematic addressed in SystemX's research projects.
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Breaking news

Paris-Saclay Pepite-Tremplin Price
This price has been created last year by the Ministry of Research and higher Education and aims at fostering entrepreneurship amoung students and newly graduates. Gaëlle Berthomieu, Training & SME Relations Program Manager at SystemX, is a part of Paris-Saclay jury who selected 5 applications files among the thirty three files received. The national final will take place next June. Find out more

CREE Program
For the second year in a row, SystemX is welcoming about fifteen interns in the context of its CREE program. As a reminder, this program implies to constitute teams of interns in which each student has a specific goal corresponding to an internship topic and provides the “system” team with a specific set of skills. This year, 5 subjects have been determined. Find out more


Pydata Paris 2015
The first French edition of Pydata conference took place on April, 3rd. This conference aimed at presenting big data projects using the open source language Python. Fabien Mangeant, from Airbus and IRT SystemX (ROM project) participated to the event and testified about scikit-learn use in Airbus. Gaël Varoquaux, researcher at Inria, who ran a Seminar@SystemX in March, was one of the two keynote speakers. He presented Skicit-Learn which is used for machine learning.

Talents in motion

My thesis in 180 seconds: Paris-Saclay final's results
Timothée Leblond, PhD student at SystemX, was selected to participate to the Paris-Saclay final of My thesis in 180 seconds. He brightly presented his thesis about "Aerodynamic or structure cost functions sensitivities calculation regarding the design parameters" in three minutes and even won the public price. Laura Laencina, from UVSQ, was elected by the jury to represent Paris-Saclay at the national final.

R&D projects

OAR project
In April, SystemX welcomed the Paris-Region operating safety seminar organized by the Institut pour la maitrise des Risques working group. This seminar is organized once a month and contributes to the animation of the operating safety community. Elie Soubiran, FSF project manager, will participate to the next seminar on June, 19th. Find out more

FSF project
On April, 14th, Daniela Cancila, Researcher at CEA and in FSF project, ran a CEA LIST 12.0 seminar about critical cyber-physical systems. She explained the difficulty to ensure embedded systems' safety because of the heterogeneity of systems' materials and software components. She proposed her approach to solve this problem. Find out more

ISE and ELA projects
ISE and ELA projects have both welcomed a new partner Oppida, whose major expertise is in security of information systems. Find out more


OpenTrust celebrates its 10th birthday
On April, 15th, OpenTrust has just celebrated its 10th birthday at the occasion of its OpenLab dedicated to its core activities: PKI and digital signature. This SME is partner of SystemX, and part of ISE project. Find out more about OpenTrust's activities

Ubimobility 2015
8 SMEs have been selected for Ubilimobility 2015 operation. Two of them are IRT SystemX's partners: Intempora and Krono-Safe. This operation is the initiative of BPIFrance and Business France and helps innovative SMEs in the field of autonomous and connected cars to boost their entry into the US market. From June, 14th, those 8 SMEs will follow a program in order to train them to present their activities in front of key American players in this industry. Find out more

Coming soon!

15/05: Deadline of the 2015 HiPEAC PhD collaboration grants call
18/05: "Autonomous vehicle" National plan with the participation of Eric-Perrin Pelletier, CEO of SystemX
19/05: I.PLM 2015

21-22/05: ScilabTEC
26/05: 10th Systematic Convention

03/06: NAFEMS seminar, with the participation of Laurent Gasser, Senior research engineer at SystemX
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