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Welcome to Newsfeed: the monthly report to keep you up to date on the SystemX happenings

Hot topics

SystemX engaged its strategic roadmap 2016-2020
SystemX is preparing its second phase of 2016-2020, and established a strategic roadmap structured around 4 domains: Systems Engineering, Autonomous Transport, Smart Territories and Digital Infrastructures. The objectives of the second phase is first to become an acknowledged European expert and leader in these 4 domains, and secondly to extend the usage of technological platforms to become relevant on a European scale. In addition, SystemX seeks to support the involvement of its SME partners in Europe, and look to use the technological platforms as a means of their development. Bruno Foyer, and Etienne de Pommery joined the direction team, to respectively manage the Platforms Direction and the Systems Engineering program. Find out more

Breaking news

AFIS EMEA Workshop registrations are open
The AFIS EMEA Workshop, that will be hosted at SystemX on October 7-9 2015, has its online registrations opened on the official website. This event is dedicated to experts of Systems Engineering. The event will host 12 working sessions during two days on a given list of Systems Engineering topics which have been carefully selected in order to move forward on activities considered as priorities in EMEA sector.

Paris Smart and Sustainable
SystemX took part in the partnership comity for the “2020 Paris Smart and Sustainable” project. Paris aims to become a smart city in 2020 and beyond, to accompany innovation, development, and the ecological transition. Find out more


First virtual employment forum on ICT
From June 22 to July 24, Systematic launched the first virtual employment forum on the subjects of ICT (Information and Communications Technology). This online forum helped SMEs gain visibility on their job offers for new innovative and talented individuals, and helped those individuals find the SMEs most suited for their skills.

Systematic Paris-Region Autumn plenary sessions
Systematic will be organizing 9 plenary sessions of its Thematic Groups for the second semester of 2015. The objective of these sessions is the emergence of new R&D projects. View the dates and subjects of all plenary and emergence sessions.

Proto204 hosted MIC project's gamestorming
MIC project did a session of a new kind of team building called “gamestorming” at Proto204, collaborative place on Paris-Saclay Campus. The members of MIC project scattered into several teams. Each one was to make an innovative and creative vehicle with LEGOs that would answer the mobility challenges faced today. The objective of this initiative was to stimulate project members' creativity about transportation.


Alliancy “Living and Working in 2030”
The Magazine Alliancy launched a call for contribution for a special edition “Living and Working in 2030”. SystemX submitted two articles, one in the Usage category, and another in the Technology category. Both articles were accepted and will be published in this special issue. Stay tuned!

R&D projects

ISE project
The 93rd IETF Meeting took place on July 19 to 24 in Prague, which the ISE team attended. They submitted a draft about the extension of TLS Security protocol, for the support of ITS certificates defined by IEEE and ETSI. IETF is a standardization body that aims to produce high quality technical documents to influence the way people design and use internet. Learn more about IETF 93 here.

ROM project
Timothée Leblond and Hadrien Tournaire, both PhD Students in the ROM Project, participated in the ASME 2015 IDETC/CIE international conference in Boston, Massachusetts. This conference highlights emergent technologies that impact the critical engineering issues of product design and development, manufacturing, and the management of integration of information systems throughout the product life-cycle.

SIP project
Dassault Aviation, one of the major actors of the aeronautics industry has recently joined IRT SystemX as partner of the SIP project. The goal is to jointly work on the assessment of technical data exchange implementations and develop cooperation between industrial partners.

Talents in motion

PhD student receives the honorable mention at the ICON challenge
François Gonard, PhD Student at SystemX, participated in the ICON Challenge on Algorithm Selection, and obtained the Honorable Mention, a promising result for his project and his thesis. See the full article.


Prove&Run at the Internet of things and cybersecurity day
Prove&Run participated in the Internet of Things and Cybersecurity/Cyberdefence Day on June 17 about the Internet of Objects and Cybersecurity, and took up the subject of “Securing the Software of Connected Devices”. This is an important challenge that the company tackles in Internet of Things. Many other SystemX partners participated in this event such as: Thales, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Gemalto, Orange Labs and ANSSI. Find out more

Ziena Acquired by Artelys
Ziena the developer for KNITRO, based in the state of Illinois in the United States, has been acquired by Artelys. This consolidates the position of Artelys in the domain of non-linear optimization, as the KNITRO team will be reinforced and development on KNITRO will continue. Artelys is currently collaborating in two SystemX projects: MIC and SCE. Find out more

Coming soon!

23/09: Seminar@SystemX presented by Daniel Krob
28-30: Global Forum
30/09: IoT workshop
01/10: Open Festival Paris-Saclay
05-09/10: ITS World Congress Bordeaux
06/10: Seminar@SystemX presented by Jacques Prince
07-09/10: AFIS EMEA Workshop 2015
13/10: IRT Forum 
15/10: Cybersecurity Seminar with the participation of Philippe Wolf, EIC project manager
20/10: Seminar@SystemX presented by Gérard Le Lann
04/11:  2nd Forum IncubAlliance Physique + Entrepreneuriat
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