At the Community Tree Nursery and Forest Garden

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The Tree Nursery runs on voluntary effort and a couple of shoestrings, but it still costs a bit over £1,000 a year to keep it going. This summer, for example, we have to pay for re-covering one of the polytunnels.

So some along next Sunday afternoon and chip in while stretching your mind and your tum.


  • Fund raising Quiz

  • Sunday 30 June

  • 3pm

  • £5 a head

Highly informal - you don't have to come with a team.
Bring a picnic and any drinks you fancy.
We expect to offer cob oven pizza and boat-made cake at very reasonable prices.

Proceeds to Hackney Community Tree Nursery and Plant Heritage


How to find us
Regular volunteer sessions

We have drinking water and provide tea etc.
Please feel free to bring lunch (to share).

Please dress for the weather and for manual work.
We provide equipment and you don't need any previous skills or experience.

Please aim to arrive at the start of an activity - it saves wear and tear on our lead volunteers.