May 2014

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You are probably all well aware of the cost associated with hiring a new recruit by now but fortunately, once you have found that perfect candidate it's all worth it. However, put the wrong candidate in the wrong job and you could pay a high price.

A recent survey carried out by Careerbuilder revealed just how costly making a bad hire can be to your business. Throughout the course of the study, 6,000 hiring professionals were interviewed and they reported the following consequences of hiring a candidate who turned out to be completely wrong for the role.
  • 23% of companies surveyed suffered from a loss of productivity
  • 22% found that the bad hire negatively affected employee morale
  • 16% saw a negative impact on client relations
  • 12% suffered from fewer sales
  • 22% had to fork out the cost of recruiting and training a more suitable employee

Sometimes the unfortunate does happen and there is nothing you can do about it but there are a number of practices you can put in place to ensure you hire the candidate that is going to be the right fit for the job, your team and your company.

If you would like any advice about the recruitment process or need help filling any jobs, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01753 – 836290 or drop us an email.
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