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We hope you're all enjoying the start of the summer - even though it has so far been typically British. Unfortunately, we can't control the weather but what we can do is offer you some fantastic recruitment advice to help you hire and retain the best employees.

We hear a lot about skills shortages as this is something that a lot of companies have had to face when recruiting. Sourcing good candidates is hard and when you do get hold of them, they're often in demand.  
How do you get good candidates to notice your company?

75% of job seekers say that the look and feel of a job posting influences their decision about whether or not to apply for a role so make sure you get this right. 

Also think about where you're posting your adverts. The majority of job seekers are now turning to social media to search for vacancies. In a recent survey amongst those looking for a new role, 56% said that they would use Facebook and 69% said they would use LinkedIn.

Also remember that just because a candidate isn’t suitable for the role you're advertising now, it doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be a great asset to your team in the future. Even if someone is unsuccessful in their application, make sure that you thank them for their time and let them know that you won’t be inviting them in for an interview.

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