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With employment currently rising at one of the fastest rates witnessed over the past five years, experts are optimistic about the future. In celebration of this, Recruitment Buzz has published their predictions for what 2017 holds for the industry.

Accounting & Finance

Although it’s unlikely there will be a recession in 2017, there will no doubt be some economic challenges. Whenever an economic downturn occurs, the demand for accountants and company financial experts increases.

Brexit is going to mean that companies are going to have to change their business and accounting practices and there will also be further examination of cost and profit models. In recent years there has also been rising long-term demand for accountants as large numbers of baby-boomer accountants are retiring.

Finally, the post-Brexit reduction in the value of the pound means that the UK has suddenly become a very attractive prospect for foreign investment. The number of acquisitions and mergers is set to increase in 2017, further fuelling demand for those with corporate finance experience.

Oil, gas and energy

New industry developments mean that there’s a renewed confidence in many parts of this industry.

As companies are already speculating an up-turn, it’s likely that there will be a healthy rise in demand for workers in this sector during Q3 and Q4 of 2017. 


Many recruitment companies witnessed solid growth in the construction sector in 2016 and this is something that’s predicted to continue into 2017. The government has committed £5 billion to boost housing building and a huge growth in property completions means that all the signs are encouraging in this sector.

IT and Technology 

As well as comprising of an ageing workforce, this industry also has to contend with the increasingly fast rate that technology advances at. As a global issue, it means that there is massive growth opportunity for IT and technology recruitment over the next 10 years.

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