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Friday, February 28, 2020

Changing America with Good Ideas

Over 150 Iowa taxpayers joined ITR and NFIB in Des Moines to talk taxes with Senator Joni Ernst and Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist. Both of them explained the benefits of lower taxes and fewer regulations.

Senator Ernst said, "Our current economic boom has been due to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. We were able to overhaul the burdensome tax system." She shared examples of small business owners using tax savings to invest in their businesses. One owner told Ernst she gave her employees a $1,000 bonus and a five percent raise. 

The Senator said the work is not done, "Tax reform is working, and we need to build on that success by making the tax cuts permanent." 

Speaking about Iowa, Ernst shared she "is excited to see Governor Kim Reynolds and the legislature move Iowa in a more competitive direction."

Grover Norquist talked about the benefits of good policy, "One of the great things about having Iowans for Tax Relief at the state level is that you don't have to wait for Washington to move. You can change policy in America with a good idea starting in one state." 

Norquist attributes our strong economy to lower taxes and reduced regulations. "The recovery we've seen, the growth we've seen, and jobs we have seen are half tax cuts and half fewer regulations." 

Looking to this fall, Norquist said, "I think this next election will be the 401k election. Whichever of the Democrats gets the nomination, they want to get rid of Trump's tax cuts. If they are going to punch the one-percent, first they step on your investments. They reduce the value of companies, the stock market goes down, and it is a permanent change."

Thank you to both Senator Ernst and Grover Norquist for highlighting how good policies allow Iowans to keep more money in their bank accounts.  

Statewide Poll: Iowans support Governor's tax reform plan

ITR works to help you keep more money in your bank account. This requires serious choices by taxpayers about how we'd prefer to pay for state government services. 

Clout Research conducted a statewide poll of over 800 likely voters on behalf of ITR this month to determine how Iowans felt about the aspects of Governor Reynolds's comprehensive tax reform proposal.  The findings show Iowans dislike income and property taxes, support shifting mental health funding from county budgets to the state government, and would support a plan to cut income and property taxes while increasing the sales tax rate by a penny.

Here are the poll questions and results:
Question 1:
If Iowa were to lower taxes, which specific tax should be lowered first – the individual income tax, the sales tax, the property tax, or the corporate income tax?
Question 2:
Now, If Iowa were to lower a second category of taxes, which specific tax should NEXT be reduced - the individual income tax, the sales tax, the property tax, or the corporate income tax?
Question 3:
Currently, counties across Iowa pay for mental health services through property taxes. Would you support a proposal to provide property tax relief by shifting much of Iowa’s mental health funding from county governments to the state government?
Question 4:
Research has shown that cutting income tax rates generates more economic growth and increased business investment, even when combined with a sales tax increase. Given all we’ve talked about on this call, would you support a plan to cut income and property taxes while increasing the sales tax rate by a penny?
Overall, the governor's plan does cut taxes. Yes, there is a sales tax increase, but it also decreases two other taxes in the process. Further, it builds on the historic income tax cuts passed by the legislature and signed by the governor in 2018. That’s a good thing for families, taxpayers, and the entire State of Iowa. 

Read more about this statewide poll on our website. 

What do you think? Answer these survey questions and comment on this plan with this link:
Here is the status of bills ITR has registered for or against this year: 

Changed this week:
  • Occupational licensing reform - HF 2470
  • Limiting noneconomic damages against health care providers - SF 2338
  • Stopping Medicaid recipient fraud - SF 2272
  • Taxpayer-funded lobbyist transparency - SF 2395
Legislation still alive, but did not advance this week:
  • Governor's comprehensive tax reform bill - SSB 3116/HSB 657
  • Inheritance tax elimination - SF 307
  • Motor vehicle mileage tax pilot program - SF 2107 (ITR opposes)
  • Spending limitation amendment - SJR 20
  • Income tax supermajority amendment - SJR 22
  • Occupational licensing reform (2) - SF 2392 and SF 2393
  • Eliminating the welfare cliff - HF 2203
Take a look at our Legislative Update page for more details on and links to these bills. 

Agree or disagree, but make your voice heard!

Legislators are casting votes that will determine how much you pay in taxes. 

We make it as easy as possible to contact your legislators and the governor. Just click on the link below and compose your message. Once you enter your address and click send, your email will automatically be sent to your elected officials. 

You can also attend your legislator's local forums. Face-to-face questions and comments at these meetings are even more powerful at holding elected officials accountable. Let us know if you need help finding the next forum for your area. 
It’s easy for politicians to yield to noisy special interest groups when the taxpayer keeps quietly paying the bills.
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