Dragonfly 25 Newsletter - The Final Design and the Final Drawings of the new Dragonfly 25

The Final Design of the Dragonfly 25

We are very proud, to finally be able to present the final design of our new Dragonfly 25.
These drawings show the Sport version, which will have twin rudders on the floats, whereas the standard version will have only one rudder on the centerhull.
Both versions will have the same off centre kickup centerboard in the mainhull, in order to create more space inside the boat. The centerboard casing is hidden inside the port sofa seat in the centre cabin. The rudder(s) are also installed with the kickup system on the standard boat as well as the Sport version.



The standardboat will have a 10.50 m aluminium rotating mast and the Sport version will have an 11.80 m rotating carbon mast.
The price for a standard boat incl. mainsail and self-tacking jib and 5 Hp. outboard engine is €69.900,- excl. VAT.
We do not have a price ready for the Sport version. This is a more complex boat and we are still working on the final details.
We are also currently working with the design of the sails. Therefore, we cannot inform you about the size of the sails for either of the two models yet.
The floats are made from a totally new design and construction technique, where we for example have chosen to design the floats with a negative stem. The floats still have the asymmetric shapes, as you see on the DF28 and DF32, in order to get better hydrodynamic lift and also to get more buoyancy in the right place. The floats are in a new and better hydrodynamic design, which gives a better waterflow and a boat that will be fun and safe to push to its limits. The floats will have 160% volume, which are the highest volume floats we have made so far in our designs. This means the boat can easily fly the centerhull, not that this is the purpose, as the boat will be fastest when the centerhull is just airborne. However, the high volume will give more safety, as the floats are actually 30 cm longer forward of the centerhull to give more diagonal safety and stability.

The outboard engine is installed directly on the transom and must be manually controlled. By the cockpit floor aft there is a folding hatch with quite a big space for mooringlines and fenders and also room extra fueltank if needed.
The main specifications are now as follows:
Length                  : 7.65 m   ( 25`feet )
Length folded       : 8.95 m.
Beam saling         : 5.80 m.
Beam folded         : 2.30 m.
Draft                     : 0.35 m
Draft incl board    : 1.50 m
Weight                 : 1050 Kg.
Trailerweight        : 1500 Kg.
Standard Mast     : 10.50 m.
Sport Mast           : 11.80 m.
Floats volume      : 160 %
We hope that these new specifications will answer some of the questions that many of you might have, and will give you a clearer picture about what kind of boat to expect from our new little ‘baby’. This weekend and the following 10 days, from October 25 until November 2, we will be at Hamburg International Boat Show, ready to show you drawings and answer whatever question you might have about this new boat. You should mark the date of next years BOOT Düsseldorf, which is taking place from January 17-25 2015. At BOOT we will have world premiere on the Dragonfly 25 and it is a unique opportunity to come and check out this new model in real life, brand new from the yard, with all its innovative features. 



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