Dragonfly Newsletter - spring 2013, including Dragonfly Approved Used, upcoming boat shows and Open House Weekend

The New Dragonfly is Taking Shape

Since the last newsletter a lot have been happening in the designing process of this new great boat. The designing team, Jens Quorning and Steen Olsen, have been working hard throughout the spring; they have been forced to think creatively and out of the box in order to make this new boat as ´spacy´ as possible, without missing out on the well known Dragonfly sailing skills. This is in order to secure you a lot of fun, convenience and great sailing experiences in the future. In this newsletter you will come to read about the initial steps in the production process and then we can exclusively reveal new features about this new boat. 
In order to make the moulds, which we use in the daily production of our boats, we need to have an exact copy of the different parts of the boat. Therefrom we can make the moulds, which we use in the laminating process. It is these exact copies of the parts, the so-called plugs, which are being made these days. Here in Denmark, at some secret place, the plug for the main hull is taking its shape. This is done through a very complex technical process, where a very precise 5 axed CNC milling machine is creating these masterplugs with an accuracy down to 1/10 of a mm. See the pictures. The plug of the main hull is being finished these days, and it will be driven back here to the yard next week, where our boat builders will start making the final finish before laminating the mould.

Jens Quorning and Steen Olsen continue the design on the deck. This will soon be done, but changes are still taking place and that is why we cannot yet show any final drawings. This will be possible in the next coming newsletter. The two designers expect the design of the deck to be done within a month or so. As soon as the design is ready, the drawings of the deck will be send to the same company here in Denmark, where the robot will start making the deckplugs. After the summer holidays the work with making all the moulds will take its pace in order for us to be ready with the boat for January 2015. 

At present we have sold 10 boats of this new model. We are very satisfied with this number since people have seen nothing but the drawings. We are continuously working on having this boat ready for January 2015. We are in great hurry but it should be possible. Within the first half year of 2015 we expect to build 15 boats of the DF 25ft. So if you want to be sure to sail in one next summer you will have to act fast. Remember you can always contact us if you are interested or want to have more information – see our website for contact information

New Feature I 

This new model will like all the other Dragonfly models come with the convenient Swing Wing system. The designing process has taken longer than expected, since the designing team decided that the boat folded, should fit into a 40ft closed container. They managed to do this, and this is a great feature of this new boat, since it will make transportation all over the world easier. Furthermore this means that a 40ft closed container will be a convenient, easy and cheap winter storage for the boat.


New Feature II

We can also reveal more details about the ”racing” version of this new little boat. Like all the other Dragonfly models the Dragonfly 25ft will come in a racing version too. Here the two designers have been thinking very much about what features the boat should have in order to secure a 100 % fun and great speed. Therefore the “racing” version will have an 11,75 m. rotating carbon mast and there will also be 2 rudders, one on each float. However we do not yet have a set price for this model – but we are working on this. 
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