Newsletter concerning the new Dragonfly 25". The newsletter contain more detailed specifications on this new model. 

New Specifications on the new Dragonfly 25" model

Skaerbaek March 2014
Dear DF 25 enthusiast                                                                                                    
We are delighted to release more information about the new Dragonfly 25 baby.
Our design team, Jens Quorning and Steen Olsen, have been very busy after the Düsseldorf Boat Show, and based on the great many input we have got, we have fine-tuned the project even more.
The boat is now designed so it can either fit 3 adults sleeping, or 2 adults and 2 kids. The boat will inside the cabin have the same headroom as our older DF 800. Thus inside the boat will be 1.45 m. in headroom, which allows 4 persons to sit comfortable inside the boat.
The centerboard will not be placed exactly in the middle of the main hull, which means the centerboard is under the portside seat/sofa. This allows for more space for your feet and we can still keep the narrow waterline. The cabintable, which will be optional, can be moved up and down and it will therefore help with comfortable sleeping support in the centre of the cabin.
For the ladies we have as an option, prepared a “Porta Potti” in the forward cabin where you can also make privacy with a blind. As another option you can also place the “Porta Potti” to slide in and out under the cockpit floor from the cabin.
The boat will as standard come with a furling self-tacking jib (not roller reefing), and the mainsail will have a traditional mainsail track in the cockpit, like the DF 800 and 920 series. The mainsail track is actual part of the structure as this takes the compression loads from the aft Wing construction.
The 3 to 6 HP outboard motor (could also be electric) will be fitted directly on the back of the boat and can pivot up and down, so no other enginebracket is needed.
The standard mast will be a 10.5 m. rotating aluminium section with only a single spreader.
Specifications we can release so far is:
Length sailing:                 7.70 meters  (25”)
Length folded:                  8.70 meters
Beam sailing:                   5.80 meters
Beam folded:                    2.50 meters
Trailerbeam:                     2.50 meters
Mastsection:                     10.50 meters  (standard version)
Draft, board up:                0.38 meters
Draft, board down:           1.55 meters
Bowsprit length:               1.20 meters (standard version)
Outboard max:                  6 HP
Mainsail:                            25 m2  (estimated)
Jib:                                      10 m2 (estimated)
Code-0:                              40 m2 (estimated)
Asymmetric Spinnaker:  45 m2 (estimated)
CE design Category:       C for max 4 persons
CE design Category:       D for max 6 persons
Fun factor:                        100%
Weight of standard boat, with no extras, but incl. outboard engine and sails 1050 Kg.
Trailer single axis:            480 kg. in Steel
Trailer single axis:            400 kg. in Aluminium
A lot of people ask us for a price but we are still not far enough in the design that we can estimate an exact base price. But we aim for a standard basic boat incl. mainsail and furling self-tacking Jib incl. 5 HP outboard at approx. estimated price of € 69.900,- excl. Vat and incl. 20% European Tax it will be €83.880,- 
The images you see in this newsletter is the design as it is today, but it can still be found necessary to make a few modifications. Over springtime the design will be finished down in every little detail and the actual work with plugs and moulds will start. Status today is that 7 boats are sold just from the drawings and without a firm price. For Spring/Summer until mid July 2015 we plan on building 15 boats and therefrom one boat a week.
These are all the latest news concerning the new 25 feet Dragonfly. We very much hope you like what you have read so far. We look forward to release more information as soon as possible. Until then stay tuned on our webpage and we will continue to send you information through this newsletter channel.   


100% FUN 

This is the new Dragonfly model seen from the outside. The pontoons are going to have a negative stem for a more modern look. The mast will as standard be 10,5 m. and with the possibility of having a total sail area at approximately 70 m2 (that will be mainsail and spinnaker). This means there should be a great possibility for a lot of fun - whether that will be cruising with your family or racing with your friends. 

Beneath deck features

This picture shows what you can expect of the new Dragonfly beneath deck. The possibilities of sleeping berths are shown here with the possibility of berths for 3 adults, or 2 adults and 2 children. Note the mainsail track that runs right through the cockpit as a way of supporting the whole design of the boat by taking of the compression loads from the aft wing construction. There are many hours of thinking in this drawing, and many draft drawings have been made to come to this result. But we feel that this is the result that best accommodate your expectations and demands for the new boat.  
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