Dragonfly Newsletter -May we present our new little baby - the Dragonfly 25. This is the first public pictures of this new model. 

This is our new little baby...  

Saturday, January 17, could we finally present the new Dragonfly 25 to the rest of the sailing world. The new boat had world premiere at the boat show, BOOT Düsseldorf, and was released this past Saturday at a release event. The boat has been covered in plastic since it left the yard in Denmark one week ago, and was then covered in a big 300 square meter cloth, so that we could literally let the curtain drop and have a real world premiere. At the release event more than 300 people showed up, to watch the curtain drop, and the response has only been positive and we have had many serious inquires. Saturday were the first pictures published; the German sailing magazine “Die Yacht” visited us at our stand in Düsseldorf, you can read their article here. The Danish sailing magazine Båd Nyt visited us at the day of the release as well, you can read their article here. Their immediate response was “I want one” and this gives a very positive indication for the future of this new little boat.
Now we think that it is about time that we show you pictures of the new Dragonfly 25 as well. It is with pleasure that we will now introduce you to our new little baby…


This is a picture of the boat at our stand in Düsseldorf. Note the relatively big outriggers, and the negative shape of the bow of the boat. The outriggers are designed to bear 1800 kg. which means it can easily carry the weight of the boat when sailing on one outrigger. 



Here you can see the interior of the boat. It is very simple and very different from the interior which our bigger models offer. In the cabin you can put up a simple table. The table is sitting on an arm which you can rotate and slide to the side. The table is also used when making the centre cabin into a berth. 


The aft of the cabin has a simple staircase, the stove and storage room. It is possible to buy a simple stove for the boat. 


This is how the toilet will work. It is a simple chemical toilet, mounted in the bow of the boat. 

We hope you have liked what you have seen so far in this newsletter. More pictures will come up later, also when the boat is on the water for the first time.
If you want to see how the release event went this Saturday, then follow this link and you can watch a movie from the event.
We have finally put up specifications and information on the Dragonfly 25 at our website. You will find this here
Remember that we will still be present at BOOT Düsseldorf boat show until Sunday, January 25. If you want to see the Dragonfly 25 in real life, then feel free to drop by in hall 15.  

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