It's MBA Conclave Weekend!

MBA Conclave 2020 Featuring DECA AMPED kicks off this evening with Opening Session and The Celebration! event, a night of celebrating accomplishments and meeting 200+ colleagues from across the nation. Last-minute registration is possible. And don’t forget—if you can’t attend all weekend, registrants have access to recordings of all sessions until November 30th. Use #MBAConclave on Twitter to share your experience and to follow along this weekend!
DECA Advisors: Here’s a highlight of some of the DECA AMPED sessions you can attend this year:

  • Rock the DECA Exam, with Christopher Young
  • Tips for Engaging Parents in DECA’s Online Learning, with Dr. Michelle Walker
  • The Secrets of My Students’ Success in DECA, with Suzan Newberry 
Remote learning is a hot topic this year as well. Here are some of the sessions offered:
  • Engaging Students in the New Post-COVID Classroom, with Ann Stewart and Dre’ Helms
  • How To Be the Most Engaging Online Instructor at Your School, with Danny Rubin
  • Technology That Promotes Student Engagement, with Kim Britton and Sarah Dennison

See the complete MBA Conclave agenda, with over 40 sessions available.

New in State's Connection

The State's Connection portal is full of free information, tools, content, and resources for all teachers in our member states. Each state has its own page with different content based on that state's membership option. Check out the latest additions:

  • September 2020 Action Brief on how small businesses are leveraging data analytics tools for key insights
  • Work-based learning resource on career-advancement activities. (Available only in states with Standard membership level or higher) 
  • Gray Zone ethical dilemma on product mix

A*S*K Pretests

A friendly reminder that A*S*K pretests are available through November 30. We have added flexibility to the A*S*K Certification exam proctoring policy with allowances for secure, remote testing to take place in accordance with your state and district regulations. For more information, visit or email

Learning Center LMS

Registered for MBA Conclave? If so, you may be interested in these sessions about the MBA Learning Center:

  • Introduction to the Learning Center, with Michelle Bardsley. Sunday, Oct 18th at 10 a.m. ET
  • Understanding LAP Module Updates, with Adam Fezell. Saturday, Oct 17th at 10 a.m. ET
  • Anatomy of a LAP Module, with Jennifer Milke. Saturday, Oct 17th at 4:05 p.m. ET

Ethics Resource
Daniels Fund at MBA Conclave

The Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative High School Program provides courses, instructional materials, videos, training, and more to teachers across the U.S. This weekend at MBA Conclave is a terrific opportunity to learn more about incorporating ethical principles into your courses.

  • Visit the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative High School Program exhibit in the interactive exhibit hall. Download free resources immediately and add flyers to your virtual backpack.
  • Learn about Epic Ethics, a program that elementary schools can integrate to start younger students learning these important skills.
  • Learn how teacher Nadine Scott uses the resources with her students in her session “Bringing Ethics into the Classroom.”
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