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  1. Vetted resources and advice from our Teacher Advisory Network, PD Team, and staff.
  2. Current articles and discussion questions (new!) focused on business and industry response and operations during the pandemic.

1) Resources That Educators Recommend

These and others are constantly updated on our COVID-19 support page.

Young Entrepreneurs Academy
"[Youth Entrepreneurs Academy] has lessons I use to teach STEAM." - Kim Britton, Business/Marketing Teacher, Doddridge County High (WV)

"I use the footwear design project to teach design thinking to my students."
- Tami Perez, Idaho Technical Career Academy (ID)

"Sign up is free and well worth it." - Ann Stewart, Marketing and Entrepreneurship Teacher, Stewarts Creek High (TN)

Brought to you by the Council for Economic Education, EconEdLink provides over 435 interactive lessons to choose from, many of which include both a teacher and student version. MBA Research staff recommend this site, as does Willene Biere, business academy teacher/director at Canyon Springs High (CA).

Also consider...
Digital badges (micro-credentials) provide students with proof of their learning to post on digital portfolios, résumés, LinkedIn, and social media. Use them to encourage and measure small chunks of learning (a single standard) during social distancing. This article includes ideas for making the most of digital badges.

2) How Businesses Are Adjusting to COVID-19

  • Leadership in the time of COVID-19. Marriott CEO addresses his employees using authentic, candid style. Video and article available.
    • Discussion questions:
      • How does Arne Sorenson demonstrate leadership in crisis? 
      • What elements of his messaging hold particular weight? 
      • Were you convinced Arne Sorenson truly cares for Marriott employees? Why or why not? Give examples.
  • From fashion to essential. Learn how companies are getting into the mask-making business (including High School of Business™ alumni Moore Collection) to keep their businesses afloat. They have a chance to win big government contracts—and potentially boost their brand—but they have to be careful not to overstate the effectiveness of their masks—or market them for use in health care arenas.
    • Ask students to discuss the impact of a business's flexibility on its ability to adapt to a crisis. 
    • What elements make a business adaptable to crisis? How can businesses effectively plan for future hardships and challenges?
    • Explain the different ways, both positive and negative, COVID-19 has affected the fashion industry.
    • Ask students to discuss Prestige Ameritech's decision to not ramp up their hospital-grade mask production any further. How does the COVID-19 situation differ from the H1N1 swine flu outbreak? Do you support the CEO's reasoning? Why or why not?
  • It seemed like progress in the autonomous vehicle area was crawling along for awhile—until the need for contactless deliveries suddenly rose with COVID-19. Now, more companies are finding a renewed push to perfect the driverless technology.
    • Ask students to discuss the ways in which Nuro will need to adapt when quarantine policies end and businesses reopen. How can they prepare for these changes now? 
    • Ask students to brainstorm how businesses are impacted by driverless delivery technology. Who is affected and in what ways?

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