Abercrombie & Fitch Exec To Speak at Conclave (Registration Now Open!)

Forrest Deegan, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer for Abercrombie & Fitch, will join 2020 MBA Conclave Virtual Experience to talk about steps corporations can take to develop speak-up cultures. At A&F, Deegan is responsible for enhancing the Corporate Compliance Program and Third-Party Risk Management program. He has oversight of functional compliance activities, ownership of specific compliance policies, and works with internal partners to foster a speak-up culture throughout the business. Forrest is also a Lecturer in Law at the University of Chicago School of Law, and was selected by Compliance Week as a "Top Mind" for 2018.

Don’t miss Deegan and U.S. Bank’s Joe Saculles (Senior Vice President of Operational Initiatives) at 2020 MBA Conclave Virtual Experience! Register today.  

Resources for Teaching Racial Equity

We all have a role to play in changing our world, and ours is educating future generations. Teachers, here are free resources you can use to start discussion and work toward an end to racial inequality and injustice.

Call for Conclave Proposals

Share your ideas at 2020 MBA Conclave Virtual Experience! You are invited to submit a presentation proposal for this year's online conference. Choose from these topics of interest designed to fit the needs of secondary and post-secondary business and marketing instructors, CTE administrators, and state administrators:

  • Teacher-to-Teacher Classroom Strategies
  • The Power of Technology
  • Growing Your Program
  • Using MBA Research's Resources

Submission deadline is August 31. For more information about Conclave, visit  

Some (Great) News

It sure made staff smile to receive this compliment from Jim Giveans, a High School of Business teacher at Longmont High in Colorado. We are honored to work with teachers like Jim through our HSB program and all that we do.

MBA Research is here for you. As a not-for-profit consortium of state departments of education, we exist to support your important work in the classroom. During a pandemic (and always), we are proud to be a part of that work.

Look Inside a Learning Activity Package (LAP)
Just Updated! The Nature of Balance Sheets

When students hear the term “balance sheet,” they might think of a large business or a Fortune 500 company. But balance sheets aren’t just for big businesses—they're important for any business endeavor, big or small! Get a snippet about our latest LAP The Right Balance (The Nature of Balance Sheets) and teach your students about the accounting equation, the people who use balance sheet information, and the components of a balance sheet.

This 2021 edition is available in the Learning Center today.

Learning Center LMS

Did you know? The Learning Center is a one-stop spot for accessing hundreds of ready-to-use lesson plans and links to current resources. Both students and teachers can utilize the LC to communicate with each other and use the built-in calendar to keep track of due dates and upcoming quizzes.

For an in-depth look at all the features the Learning Center has to offer, watch this video.

Ethics Resource
Gray Zone Ethical Dilemma

Use The Gray Zone ethical dilemmas to introduce your students to problems and situations that don't have one specific right or wrong answer. This week’s Gray Zone topic: The Nature of Product Mix.

This Gray Zone comes from the Mix and Match lesson module (LAP) and aligns to performance indicator PM:003 Explain the concept of product mix.

More resources for teaching ethics are available through the generous support of the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative High School Program.

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