Preparing for the A*S*K Exam

Need help preparing students for the A*S*K Business Institute Certification Exams? We can help. Two practice tests are available for each of the A*S*K Certification Exams listed above.

Each practice test contains 50 multiple-choice items similar to those used on the official certification exams—plus a descriptive key including question sources and answer rationales. As your not-for-profit partner, we can offer these for just $40 per school. And, if you teach in a state that is a member of the MBA Research consortium, you receive a 30% discount on these and everything in the store. Visit the MBA online shop for more details.

Curious about A*S*K Certifications? Visit or call us at 614-486-6708.

State Membership = Teacher Benefits

We are a group of states working together to support business and marketing education. This efficient system results in high-quality resources and services that can be sold at low prices, or even provided at no cost. If your state is a member of the MBA Research consortium, (a) you receive a 30% discount on everything we sell, and (b) you have access to many free resources in the State's Connection portal. Within State's Connection, each state has its own page. Content is updated regularly, including these new additions:

  • Gray Zone ethical dilemma on determining personal vision
  • Work-based learning resource on job-seeking skills (Available in states with Standard membership level or higher only)
  • Bookmark: ACTE Online Learning Network

Poster Highlights Business and Marketing Careers

As part of the Career Pavilion at ACTE VISION last month, we created a poster with information about careers in business and marketing. It is now available on our website for you to download and print (no cost) for use in your school.

Ready-To-Use Classroom Resource

Use The Gray Zone ethical dilemmas to introduce your students to problems and situations that don’t have one specific right or wrong answer. This week’s Gray Zone topic: Factors Affecting the Business Environment.

This Gray Zone comes from the What’s Shakin’? lesson module (LAP) and aligns to performance indicator EC:105 Describe factors that affect the business environment.

Learning Center LMS

Did you know? The Learning Center includes a test item bank that makes creating your own custom exams easy. The test item bank gives you access to thousands of standards-aligned test items, great for preparing students for CTSO competitive events and replicating the competition experience. Learn how to use the test item bank here.

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