Support for CTSO Advisors

Getting ready for competition season? We can help! 

  • BPA Advisors: Find a list of tips that help align MBA Research resources with BPA events.
  • DECA Advisors: DECA performance indicators and ours are the same, so simply search our resources by performance indicator.
  • FBLA Advisers: Use crosswalks for over 70 FBLA events to identify resources you can use to help students prepare for competition.

#CTEMonth Idea: Recognize Your Alumni

Make the most of the last days of #CTEMonth with shout-outs about your alumni. Conduct a mini interview, summarize it, include a photo, and use #CTEMonth. Or, assign students this task. Hearing from one of your successful students can be very inspiring.

We would like to recognize two High School of Business™ alumni who recently spoke at Conclave. Kramer Caswell and Corey Wise graduated from Eastern High School (KY) and went on to college and entrepreneurship thereafter. They are pictured with their former teachers and counselor. Bright futures ahead for both. Thank you for giving back!

Tips for LAP Use

Learning Activity Packages (LAPs) are comprehensive, ready-to-use lesson plans designed to help make your preparation easy, fast, and relevant. This video provides countless ideas for how to use LAPs in the classroom and making it work for you.

Gold-Standard PBL Projects Are the Heart of High School of Business™

Conservatively speaking, it takes 40 hours to create one Gold-Standard PBL project. High School of Business™ includes 23 projects. Those 920 hours saved are just one of the benefits of participating in HSB. Aligned with Perkins V and positioned for college credit, the time is right to consider this program for your students. The first step takes just 3 minutes.

Look Inside a Learning Activity Package (LAP)
Acquiring Product Information for Use in Selling

All good salespeople know their products inside and out. But sometimes, salespeople need to know a little bit more—especially about the goods that complement the products they sell. Click here to get a snippet about our latest LAP Get Informed (Acquiring Product Information for Use in Selling) and help your students better understand complementary products, as well as the importance of product knowledge, what types of information customers are looking for, and where salespeople go to find it.

This 2020 edition LAP (referenced as LAP-SE-062) is available in the Learning Center today.  

Ready-To-Use Classroom Resource

Use The Gray Zone ethical dilemmas to introduce your students to problems and situations that don’t have one specific right or wrong answer. This week’s Gray Zone topic: Stress Management.

This Gray Zone comes from the Keep Your Cool lesson module (LAP) and aligns to performance indicator EI:028 Explain the nature of stress management.

Learning Center LMS

Have to be out of the classroom? Teachers tell us the resources in the Learning Center are perfect lesson plans for your substitute teacher. Because the Learning Center includes over 200 lesson modules (LAPs), each with a narrative, activities, discussion guides, and ready-to-use assessments, it’s easy to have students work while you're out. If your substitute would prefer a hard copy, simply print the pdf of the module that is included in the Learning Center.

For an in-depth look at the Learning Center, watch this video.

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