Stay Current With Business

In 2020, business has changed more rapidly than ever. This year's MBA Conclave speakers have been strategically selected to ensure you have up-to-the-minute knowledge to share with students. This year—more than ever—it's crucial to keep pace with the rapid changes in industry.   

Select from over 30 sessions featuring business leaders and exemplary educators. And DECA advisors, the collaboration is double for you as DECA AMPED joins MBA Conclave 2020, October 16–18! 

Register today!

Look Inside a Learning Activity Package (LAP)
Just Updated! Government and Business

Government touches nearly every aspect of our lives, even if we’re not directly affected. That includes the business world. Get a snippet about our latest LAP Regulate and Protect (Government and Business) and teach your students about how business and government interact, and how government regulates business.

This 2021 edition is available now in the Learning Center.

Become a LAP Field Tester

Would you be willing to try out a LAP module before it is published? Field testers provide valuable from-the-classroom feedback on every LAP module before it is finalized. This short video explains the process. Field testers receive a free copy of the finalized LAP upon release. To sign up, email Ben Steed at

1,000+ Students Learn Investment Strategies

We are grateful to BetterInvesting for providing 1,000+ students with free accounts used to manage complex financial portfolios as part of the High School of Business™ program. Adults, this tool is perfect for you, too. Check it out at

Learning Center LMS

Did you know? You can grade and plan on the go with the Learning Center! Both teachers and students can use the Learning Center on mobile devices. While you can use a mobile web browser to access the Learning Center, Canvas recommends using its mobile apps (Canvas Student, Canvas Teacher, Canvas Parent, Polls for Canvas, and MagicMarker). Learn more about accessing the Learning Center on your mobile device.

Ethics Resource
Expert Tip: Easily Add Ethics Into Your Intro Courses

Hopefully you have heard about the terrific free ethics resources available through the generosity of the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative High School Program. With 72 modules plus full courses to choose from, you may not be sure where to start. We can help! Find a quick how-to on our website.

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