Thinking Ahead to Fall 2020

None of us know if students will be back in school buildings this fall. Or if so, whether a COVID-19 recurrence may necessitate remote learning. Online learning will certainly become more of the norm in our lives. As you think about next year, we encourage you to learn about the MBA Learning Center LMS. The Learning Center was developed for you. There are over 300 ready-to-use lesson modules, and the cost is minimal. Start with this 3-minute video to take a look inside. Written and video instructions, as well as phone and email support, are available.

Looking for Resources for This Year or Next?

In addition to the MBA Learning Center LMS, we suggest these items that are flexible for use in both physical and remote classrooms:

Tips for FBLA Success

Just announced! FBLA NLC will be a virtual event this year! Based on feedback from FBLA Advisers, our website includes suggestions for using MBA Research resources to prepare for FBLA events. This includes crosswalks for over 70 FBLA events. Use these five tips to help students succeed.

Ready-To-Use Classroom Resource

Use The Gray Zone ethical dilemmas to introduce your students to problems and situations that don’t have one specific right or wrong answer. This week’s Gray Zone topic: Factors Affecting Profit.

This Gray Zone comes from the Risk Rewarded lesson module (LAP) and aligns to performance indicator EC:010 Identify factors affecting a business's profit.

Learning Center LMS

Did you know? The Learning Center is loaded with lesson modules (LAPs) that support differentiated instruction through a variety of activities, assessments, and more. Click here to learn more about how to use individual and group activities, the discussion guide, the core narrative, and even the glossary for differentiation.

For an in-depth look at all the features the Learning Center has to offer, watch this video.

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