Support for Business and Marketing Educators

We can help you with vetted resources and advice from our Teacher Advisory Network, PD Team, and staff. This special-edition weekly newsletter connects you to what works for business and marketing teachers. We will also share a few articles about how businesses are dealing with the pandemic for use in discussions with or assignments for students. 

Resources That Educators Recommend

Our Teacher Advisory Network, PD Team, and others are currently using these resources to teach remotely. These and many others are constantly updated on our COVID-19 support page.

For Collaboration and Communication
“I take the questions located in the discussion guide of a LAP module and post those in the MBA Learning Center (Canvas) discussion board. This has been successful with my students for communicating and collaboration. It is helping them build 21st Century Skills. I can set it up as a graded assignment so that students must post before they can see anyone else’s post. Then, they must respond to three additional posts." - Connie Whidbee, Business and Marketing Teacher, Northeastern High (NC) 

Get instructions for using the discussions feature in the MBA Learning Center here.

For Getting Advice from Other Teachers
This chart describes several resources being used right now by Teacher Advisory Network members. 

In addition, teachers tell us, "The Business Educators Facebook page is amazing! There is a lot being shared, including short activities that work for teachers in districts limiting instruction to 30 minutes." - JoLynn Baral, Ft. Lupton High (CO).

"There is a file tab on the page to go back and search." - Adam Feazell, Asst. Principal, Hampshire High (WV)

"It is also a great place to ask for help." - Vallie Robeson, Clay High (OH)

We Are Here To Help

Reach out to Customer Service for assistance with any of our resources. 

How Businesses Are Adjusting to COVID-19

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