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Director's Note
Lisa Berkey, Program Director

You’ve seen phrases such as “Build America’s Workforce Pipeline” and “Next Gen Business Leaders” on posters and headlines – maybe even some we have written! Before you gloss over these as slick slogans, let’s stop and think about them. You are on a Steering Team that directs the education of students in your community. Many of those students will work in local businesses after college or straight out of high school. These students ARE your future business leaders, and you DO have a say in what they learn.

This issue focuses on how you can ensure your students are learning the “soft skills” or “workplace skills” necessary for success in any career field. You will also learn how your local business leaders can assist in efforts to keep the business content in our curriculum current and forward-thinking. Finally, we will share tips heard from HSB Steering Teams across the country on how to facilitate more engaging and productive meetings.

Thank you for serving the students in your school district. As always, we welcome your questions and feedback about High School of Business™. We can be reached at 614-486-6708.

Best regards,

Steering Team Charge #1:
Advise of Current Education Needs for Business Professionals in the Workplace

MBA Research & Curriculum Center conducts ongoing research with the U.S. business community to determine the skills and knowledge students need to become a strong future workforce. While we primarily focus on specific business skills, without fail, business leaders also tell us about the softer skills that are lacking in their youngest employees. Recently, the skills most frequently cited are the inability (or unwillingness) to have face-to-face conversations, and deficiencies in writing skills. Perhaps during your next HSB Steering Team meeting these skills can be an informative topic of discussion. Are local business leaders seeing these deficiencies? If so, how can you address that in the HSB classroom? Are there other workplace/employability/21st century skills that students should be learning? We hope these questions lead to robust discussions during your next meeting.

FYI: HSB teachers have access to a crosswalk that connects 21st century skills to each performance indicator (learning outcome) in the program. These reside on each course page of the HSB Wiki.

Business Engagement at the Local and National Level

Just as businesspeople play an important role on your Steering Team, business engagement is integral to the HSB curriculum. MBA Research considers engagement with business and industry as one of the most important components of research for the National Business Administration Standards that serve as the basis of the HSB curriculum. We know that real and meaningful collaboration with business and industry, combined with exposure to real-world learning opportunities, provides relevance for students and ensures that they are learning the skills required for success in the workplace. 

As a businessperson already committed to education, consider joining the MBA Research Executive Advisory Network (ExecNet) where you can help ‘Build the Talent Pipeline’ and have a national impact on business administration education.

Happenings at Schools Across the Country

See what schools are doing in their HSB programs! Project-based learning gets students out of the classroom and into their communities. You can always find the latest HSB News on our website. It's a great place to find inspiration for your school's program. (Recent highlights below.)

Top Scorers: Make the Most of This Honor With Local Media

Each year, MBA Research is honored to recognize students scoring in the top 10% of scorers on each of the High School of Business™ final exams. Administrators at schools with at least one top scorer received a congratulatory email in November with details and a press release template for local media. Make the most of this by sharing the news on social media, in the school newsletter, and with local press. St. Joseph School District and Camdenton High School students recently received local press coverage for their achievements.


“Why I’m in HSB”

Your best HSB cheerleaders are your current students. This testimonial video from Mountain Range High in Colorado is used to encourage incoming students to sign up for HSB courses. At just one minute in length, it carries a powerful message from a diverse group of poised, professional students.

Follow MBA Research on FB and Twitter

HSB teachers across the country often share what's going on in their classrooms on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Be sure to follow us so you can get tips for your school.

Steering Team Challenges and Suggestions

We know from teacher feedback that it can be difficult to keep Steering Team members engaged and participating. The HSB Teacher Advisory Committee suggested the following ideas and tips for keeping your team strong and productive.
Increase Attendance at Your Meetings:

  • Set meeting dates well in advance. Do this housekeeping piece at the end of the school year for the upcoming year.
  • Hold evening meetings at restaurants or other local businesses; always have food or snacks.
  • Create a list of tasks that team members can voluntarily sign up for; owning a task encourages attendance. 
  • Ask students to speak at meetings about a project they're working on in class.
  • Invite members of the local economic development committee to participate on the team.
Build a Culture of Ownership:
  • Ask business members to provide job-shadowing opportunities for seniors or to be guest speakers in the classroom.
  • Ask a member to write a news/press release about the program and its benefits to the community.
  • Ask a member to give a presentation to an outside audience (e.g., a rotary club, chamber of commerce, or a group of parents) to gain more support and awareness.

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Eight Charges of the Steering Team

  1. Advise of current education needs for business professionals in the workplace. 
  2. Mold the program to fit your community.
  3. Promote the program in the community.
  4. Promote the program in the school. 
  5. Bring real business into the classroom. 
  6. Find observational internship opportunities for students.
  7. Ensure that students graduate with more than a diploma.
  8. Support teachers!

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