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Eat Well. Avoid Toxins, Be Happy!
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Happy New Year to my Jewish friends and readers!  I wish all of you a sweet year.  Ever practical, Jewish tradition has us eat apples and honey on the new year, not only to wish us sweetness in the coming year, but also the good health brought about by eating an apple.  This brings to mind the new school year and the tradition of an apple for the teacher.  For many of us, regardless of our religion, September will always have the feel of the new year; starting a new grade, reuniting with old friends, meeting new friends, and starting with a fresh slate. So, happy new year, happy solstice, happy new school year and a happy fall!
Avoid Toxins

As you enter September and, especially for those of you who are in school or have children in school, here are some tips for how to avoid toxins:
  • Avoid Triclosan.  Triclosan is found in many hand sanitizers.  The evidence is increasing that it is problematic from a health perspective and that it doesn't help eliminate germs.   Whenever possible, encourage your children to use soap and water to wash their hands (and do the same for yourself) and carry a non toxic hand sanitizer such as Ava Anderson Non Toxic with you. The Environmental Working Group recommends against Triclosan.  I included more details about it in a previous article on this topic.
  • Avoid plastic whenever possible. Plastic is somewhat ubiquitous in our daily lives.  When you can, make choices that enable you to avoid it, from not using plastic storage containers for food to not purchasing bottled water (but still drink water, just don't buy it in plastic bottles!).  Use metal or cloth lunch boxes rather than plastic and buy notebooks and binders with paper rather than plastic covers.
  • Avoid processed foods.  While it is not always possible to avoid processed foods, take steps where you can to reduce the load of processed foods on your system.  While it doesn't always work, if you do buy processed foods, choose those with fewer ingredients and words that you can pronounce. Qunioa is the exception of a hard to pronounce food that is good for you and sugar is the exception of a word you can pronounce that's bad for you.
  • Give the teacher a plant  It is hard to control the indoor air pollution found inside a school, but indoor plants are a great natural way to protect against pollutants.  Give the teacher a plant and buy one or more for yourself for your home and office.  Here are some plants that can help.
  • Avoid bus (and car exhaust). Sometimes little things can make a big difference.  Encourage your children to stand away from the bus or car exhaust while waiting for a ride in the morning or afternoon and do the same for yourself whether picking up a child, waiting for the bus, or talking in a parking lot.
  • Avoid soda/drink water.  Soda is bad for you.  Drink water!
  • Minimize sugar. Sugar is bad for you, eat as little as possible.  Be wary of foods that include sugar where you don’t expect it such as crackers, tomato sauce, and cereals.  This is yet another reason to avoid processed foods.
  • Reduce Stress  I remain convinced that stress is one of the biggest toxic loads on our systems.  As you enter this busier cycle of the year, recognize that taking the time to actively reduce your stress will benefit you and your family. Learn HeartMath, meditate, take deep breaths, do yoga, do morning pages, or find something else that works for you.  It can quite literally save your life.
Eat Well
As summer nears its end, are you starting to make warming stews in the crockpot or on the stovetop as I am, rejoicing in the cooler weather?  Or, are you hanging on to the last few days of summer with delicious crisp cool salads?

Here are a few of my favorite recipes from my cookbook: Interested in my cookbook?  Check it out here or email me for a free pdf copy.
It's Free to Be Sugar Free, again

Apparently, there were some problems with the link to my sugar cleanse in my August newsletter so I am extending my free sugar cleanse for another month!

Have you seen my sugar challenge over the last couple of months and thought you might like to try it?   Do you wonder if you would really feel better, have more energy, or improve your skin f you had less sugar in your life?  Here's a hint, you would!   In the introductory video for this series I ask you to "Listen as if your life depends on it, because, in fact, it does."  

 Sign up here before September 30, and you will be automatically enrolled in this program for FREE.  What you do with it is up to you!
I continue to be flattered and humbled that my words seem to resonate with the Elephant Journal and its readers.  Two recent pieces:
Terra Signs
Are you interested in finding meaning in the natural world?  If so, you might be intrigued by the program my friend Shana Robinson, author of Terra Signs, and I are offering - Discovering and Divining with Terra Cards.  
About me

As the president of Break Through Academy, I work with individuals and groups to help them achieve their life goals through making choices to eat well, avoid toxins and be happy.  As a strategic planning consultant, I work with organizations to improve performance through incorporating health and wellness into the fabric of their culture.
I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach, a strategic planning consultant, a distributor of Ava Anderson Non Toxic Products, and a HeartMath coach.
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