Eat Well, Avoid Toxins, Be Happy!
November 2013
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It's November and I'm excited to announce the launch of my new service  "Break Through to a Healthier Home."

Just in time for the holidays, I will work with you to de-toxify your pantry and toiletry kit.   please email me  or contact me through my website to learn more details.   

You can start the new year with a non-toxic home!

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Avoid Toxins!

My new service is all about helping you to detoxify your pantry and toiletry kit and "Break Through to a Healthier Home."    Here are some of the components of this service:
  • Identifying your goals for your home.
  • Talking about the members of your household and their views on being healthier.
  • Discussing the importance and relevance of non-toxic choices.
  • Going through your pantry, under your sinks, and your toiletry kit to identify items that are inconsistent with your goals.
  • Talking about viable options to replace things we decide to remove.
Intrigued?  Email me to discuss how to proceed.  Want to learn more?   Register for my free webinar -- "Detoxifying your Pantry and Your Toiletry Kit" on November 14 at 7:00.  
Interested in exploring Non Toxic products?  Check out Ava Anderson Non Toxic or call or email me about this fabulous line of products.

Did you know?

For many of us, it is not realistic to grow all of the fruits and vegetables that we eat -organically in the backyard, with homemade compost to support their growth.  Therefore, isn’t it awesome to know that decisions we make in planting, shopping, and preparing our food could help us increase the nutritional content of the foods that we eat and share with our loved ones.
For example, when cooking with garlic, always slice or mince it and then let it sit for ten minutes before cooking. This increases its cancer fighting properties.   Cooking carrots?  Cook the whole carrot and then slice it to increase significantly the benefit of its fabulous beta carotenes.  And, yes, whole carrots are more beneficial then "baby" carrots. Using an onion?  Buy two smaller ones rather than one big one and opt for a less sweet variety -- better yet, buy green onions or scallions which have more phytonutrients.
Jo Robinson goes into great detail in her book "Eating on the Wild Side" on all sorts of these interesting choices and the book is packed with easy to read reference tables, so you don't even have to remember everything that she says. She explains the evolution of the types of produce and the science to support her recommendations.  Best of all, there's no down side to following her tips.  Enjoy!
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Eat Well, Avoid Toxins, Be Happy!
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Eat Well!

This year, my Thanksgiving contribution is my Spaghetti Squash casserole.  The recipe is constantly changing and evolving based on a combination of my mood, what's available in my refrigerator or at the grocery store, and what I remember/forget from last time.   Mollie Katzen introduced me to the wonders of spaghetti squash 30 years ago, and I am truly grateful for learning about the wonders of this interesting fall food.    Spaghetti squash has health benefits in the form of vitamins, minerals, and fiber.   The biggest benefit that I think it brings is that it offers an alternative to the empty carbs and nutritional deficiencies of pasta -- especially of the pre-processed, white flour variety.  And what a great way to respond to the Barilla anti-gay comments -- Just say no and buy Spaghetti Squash!

Check out my Spaghetti Squash recipe  and feel free to revise and adjust to meet your tastes!

Be Happy!

Dr. Weill Says -- Feeling Anxious? Try Breathing

Dr. Weill recommends this stimulating breathing exercise when you are feeling anxious.  What I like about it is that sometimes, when feeling anxious, it is difficult to take big, deep relaxing breaths. I think this might be easier in times like that. 

When you first begin, try it for just 15 seconds, increasing the duration by five seconds every time until you can complete one full minute. Always breathe normally between exercises.
  1. Sit upright with your back straight, eyes closed, and shoulders relaxed.
  2. Place the tip of your tongue against the bony ridge behind and above your upper teeth.
  3. Breathe rapidly through your nose, in and out, with your mouth slightly closed.
  4. Keep your inhale and exhale short and equal. Your chest should be almost mechanical in its movements - moving air rapidly, like a manual bicycle pump.
  5. Try to inhale and exhale three times per second, if you can, keeping your breath audible.
Ideally, you will feel the muscular effects of this breathing exercise at the base of your neck (just above the collarbone) and at the diaphragm. Put your hands on these areas to get a sense of the movements
A little about me and why I am doing this.

I am passionate about working with people to help them achieve their goals through making healthier nutrition and wellness choices.   My particular interest is in working with people who are seeking to make health and wellness choices to help to prevent cancer or its recurrence.   I believe that through healthy food choices, avoiding toxins, and taking steps to reduce stress and be happier, it is easier to achieve life goals and to stay healthier.   Because of my passion, I am a certified holistic health coach, a distributor of Ava Anderson Non Toxic Products, and a one-on-one provider for Heart Math.
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