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June is always such a lovely month - full of the promise of long days, summer ahead, and fabulous fresh fruits and vegetables.  This month my parents are celebrating their 56th wedding anniversary (which is awesome) and we are looking forward to a summer of work, travel, family and friends.  How about you? What wonderful things will summer bring you?

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Eat Well

Farmers' Markets seem to be exploding everywhere.  We are fortunate to have three in easy driving distance -- one of those is even walkable.   This year we have shifted from sticking our toes in the farmers’ market water to diving in all the way.  We are trying new and different vegetables, experimenting with how to best prepare them, and celebrating that fresh food really does taste better.

My Swiss Chard salad was a hit at a recent party.  When Matt bought beets last week, not only did I roast the beets (which were delicious), but I also sautéed the beet  greens, which were also fabulous.  And, best of all, it turns out beet greens are a superfood.

So this month, a challenge.  Go to the farmers' market (or the grocery store if there is no market near you) and buy something fresh and local that you have never tried before.   Prepare it with minimal spices and additions and let me know how fabulous it is

In the meantime, here's how I fixed my beets:
  • Purchase one bundle of beets at the farmers' market.
  • Cut off the heads and set the greens aside.
  • Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.
  • Wash and peel the heads and cut into halves or quarters.
  • Put parchment paper on a cookie sheet and some oil on top of the parchment paper.
  • Roll the cleaned, peeled, cut beets gently in the oil
  • Roast for 35-40 minutes until softened (I kept them fairly crunchy).
While recipes on line called for things like raspberry vinegar and the juice of an orange after they were cooked, we found them delicious on their own.

As an added bonus, I roasted brussel sprouts at the same time and they absorbed a little of the beet juice flavor - delicious!

While the beets are roasting:
  • Chop the greens and stems into small pieces.
  • Two or three minutes before the beets are ready,  sauté them on the stovetop with a little bit of butter.
  • Once softened, add a little balsamic vinegar to cut the bitterness.
Be Happy - Volunteer

I recently re-started being a volunteer cuddler at the local hospital. It's the best job ever.  In fact, they should make me pay them to do it.   Here's an article I wrote about it for the Elephant Journal.  
I think finding something to do that you love is a great step towards being happy. How awesome when it also helps others!
I was musing about being 51 the other day.  I think because my childhood friend, Sheila, who used to be SO much younger than me somehow is catching up and turned 50.   I shared my thoughts in this guest blog  about the Gifts of Getting Older for the Elephant Journal.
Avoid Toxins
I had the privilege of being on Marshika Quarterman- Pazant's BlogTalk Radio show.  We had a lively discussion about avoiding toxins.  I'll share the audio recording with you as soon as it becomes availablel
About me

As the president of Break Through Academy, I work with individuals and groups to help them achieve their life goals through making choices to eat well, avoid toxins and be happy.  As a strategic planning consultant, I work with organizations to improve performance through incorporating health and wellness into the fabric of their culture.
I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach, a strategic planning consultant, a distributor of Ava Anderson Non Toxic Products, and a HeartMath coach.
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