Eat Well, Avoid Toxins, Be Happy!
December 2013
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Happy December!   As your thoughts turn to the start of the new year, what are your goals for 2014?  Was 2013 a good year for you?  Do you have anything you still want to accomplish before the end of the year?  One of my goals for the new year is to offer my workshop to more groups.   If you are a member of a group that might be interested in learning more about health and wellness or de-toxing your home or your body, let me know.  I'd love to chat about it!  Thanks!
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Avoid Toxins!

The holiday season is often a time of scents and fragrances.   We are assaulted by all sorts of smells, some natural, most not, every time we walk into a store and often every time we walk into a room.   The thing to know about artificial fragrances is that, because they are often registered as "trade secrets," manufacturers are not required to disclose the ingredients.  Often these ingredients are toxins not allowed in the European Union. Because the ingredients are not required to be disclosed, it is not possible to know what potential problems these artificially created smells could cause -- whether they are potential carcinogens, endocrine disruptors or known allergens.  We do know that they are often several of these and that it is difficult, if not impossible, to avoid toxins without avoiding artificial fragrances.   

Better choices are essential oils, or the fragrances from real foods and flowers.  Real vanilla is a lovely scent.  Consider mulling apple cider for a lovely smell throughout your home.   Keep in mind that the smells that we sometimes associate with "clean" or "homey" or "flowery" are often chemically created, artificial smells 

Clean with vinegar and baking soda or non-toxic cleaning supplies.   Of course, Ava Anderson only uses essential oils, discloses all of our ingredients and has home cleaning products, candles, and fragrances as well as personal care products.   At least where you can control it, avoid artificial fragrances!

Interested in exploring Non Toxic products?  Check out Ava Anderson Non Toxic or call or email me about this fabulous line of products.

Did you know?

This time of year, many of us are struggling with dry skin and chapped hands.   Did you know that you feed your skin from the inside as well as the outside?
  • In addition to moisturizing your skin (and Ava products are fabulous for that), pay attention to what you are putting into you body as it relates to your skin.
  • Hydrate – we tend to drink less water in the winter, and skin is one of the first places to show the ravages of too little water.
  • Eat healthy fats and oils -- Avocados are great for you and for you skin. (You can eat them and put them on your skin as a face mask!)
  • Omega 3s - We often don't get enough omega 3s - consider a supplement, and eat a diet rich is omega 3s like walnuts and salmon.
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Eat Well, Avoid Toxins, Be Happy!
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Eat Well!

I think that there is a mythology that eating well or eating home cooked foods requires a lot of time and effort.  While it's true that sometimes spending a snowy Sunday afternoon creating something fabulous in the kitchen can be fun and rewarding, more often, we try to squeeze cooking in amidst way too many priorities and obligations.   The truth is that simple food, prepared lovingly, can be just as delicious even if it comes together relatively quickly.  The other night, I made this delicious vegetable soup!  From start to finish it took less than 45 minutes to bring it to the table.

Be Happy!

This tends to be a time of year for giving.  As you make your end of year charitable donations, think about how it makes you feel.   Does it make you happy? Grateful? Generous?  Altruistic?  Is it a feeling you like?   Grab hold of that feeling and remember it.  Then, recreate it throughout the year.  Do what you can.  Find a way to give that is doing something you love.  Then...keep doing it all year long!

According to Jewish tradition there are 8 levels of giving. Each one is at a higher level than the previous one.  In ascending order, they are:

8. When donations are given grudgingly.
7. When one gives less than he should, but does so cheerfully.
6. When one gives directly to the poor upon being asked.
5. When one gives directly to the poor without being asked.
4. Donations when the recipient is aware of the donor's identity, but the donor still doesn't know the specific identity of the recipient.
3. Donations when the donor is aware to whom the charity is being given, but the recipient is unaware of the source.
2. Giving assistance in such a way that the giver and recipient are unknown to each other. Communal funds, administered by responsible people are also in this category.
1. The highest form of charity is to help sustain a person before they become impoverished by offering a substantial gift in a dignified manner, or by extending a suitable loan, or by helping them find employment or establish themselves in business so as to make it unnecessary for them to become dependent on others.

Which level makes you feel best?   What are some things you can do all year long to sustain the feeling?
A little about me and why I am doing this.

I am passionate about working with people to help them achieve their goals through making healthier nutrition and wellness choices.   My particular interest is in working with people who are seeking to make health and wellness choices to help to prevent cancer or its recurrence.   I believe that through healthy food choices, avoiding toxins, and taking steps to reduce stress and be happier, it is easier to achieve life goals and to stay healthier.   Because of my passion, I am a certified holistic health coach, a distributor of Ava Anderson Non Toxic Products, and a one-on-one provider for Heart Math.
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