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Eat Well. Avoid Toxins, Be Happy!
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Matt and I are entering the new year with a new venture.  In addition to Break Through Consulting which will focus on my corporate business, we have a launched Break Through Academy (www.b-t-academy.org) a 501 (c)(3) organization committed to working with people, regardless of their ability to pay to recognize it is "your life, your choice." 
At Break Through Academy, we inspire people to create the life they want through developing skills, attitude and knowledge that will enable them to control those elements of their life they can change.   Your life, your choice!

We are committed to meeting you where you are to help you achieve Break Throughs in your life. To that end, we offer a sliding scale for our services.  We will work with you to identify an affordable price point for our services. It’s your life, what will you do with it?

Eat Well and Pay Attention to What is in your Pantry.

This fall, much to our chagrin, our pantry was invaded by India Meal Moths.   To date, while I had heard about this particular type of infestation, I had managed to avoid it, in spite of being a less than obsessive pantry cleaner outer.    After throwing out A LOT of food and spending several weeks in a frenzy of non-toxic cleaning, the moths were gone.  The experience made me pause and think mindfully about what I store in my pantry and why.   I did some writing on it and my comments got included in a Wise Bread article - 10 things in your pantry that don't last as long as you think.   Check it out!

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Be Happy - Landscapes: Access Your Personal Divinatory Experience

My amazing friend Shana and I are embarking on a new adventure.  She has written a fascinating new book called Terra Signs: Finding Personal Meaning and Significance Through Landscapes.   She and I will be offering an exciting experiential webinar series about this book.   Stay tuned for information about the free initial webinar.  I asked Shana to talk a little about the work she is doing and her thoughts about how it contributes to being happy.  Here is what she had to say.
The relief of having lived through the busy holidays is often accompanied by a bit of emotional sag. Even as we complain about social and family obligations, we often experience a strong sense of connection.  We may feel the thread twisting through our lives, keeping us a part of something that is more than what we are alone. With the holidays over, the link to family and friends often loosens and slips into the background and we feel its absence. Sometimes, the reverse is true. We wish we that we could stand alone and are relieved when the performance pressure of holiday gatherings is over.  In either instance, we can feel lonely. We measure much of our life satisfaction and our happiness through a sense of belonging. In his entertaining book The Geography of Bliss, Eric Weiner traipses across continents to find what makes people happy in various locales. His conclusion is that happiness is connective and relational. It is found in being entwined with others. 
After the commotion of the holidays and in light of the beginning of the new year, the mirror of belonging shines a light on us, asking us where and how we belong.  One of the most abiding tethers to belonging each of us has is to Mother Earth. From the moment of our birth, and even before, we have relied upon all of her gifts for sustenance and nurture. Through sampling and savoring Earth’s various environs we can experience a sense of biophilia, a love for the living systems of our planet.  We establish a sense of belonging that can carry us with joy into the new year and support us in our ‘down’ times.
We belong to Mother Earth. She is the air we breathe, the water we drink, the warmth of our days, and the food that we eat. In establishing a deeper relationship with the Earth we come to understand Her many faces -- forests, oceans, mountains, deserts and more.  We find that Mother Earth has been a constant yet often unacknowledged presence, ready to impart wisdom and knowledge if we are open to her communication.  This communication can enable us to divine our own way of experiencing belonging, and discover for ourselves a new kind of happiness that expands beyond our normal boundaries.
I look forward to more discussions with you about my work and hope you can join us for our introductory webinar on March 26 at 7:00


I was really excited to share my Five Tips for Avoiding Toxins for Maximum Health with the Sensual Appeal Blog.. 

Then my Predictions for 2015 got published in the Elephant Journal.  I love when what I have to say resonates with others!
About me

As the president of Break Through Academy, I work with individuals and groups to help them achieve their life goals through making choices to eat well, avoid toxins and be happy.  As a strategic planning consultant, I work with organizations to improve performance through incorporating health and wellness into the fabric of their culture.

I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach, a strategic planning consultant, a distributor of Ava Anderson Non Toxic Products, and a HeartMath coach.
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