Eat Well, Avoid Toxins, Be Happy!
February 2014
Wendy Kuhn, Holistic Health Coach
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It's been a cold January, unless you are in Australia in which case I know it's been crazy hot!    Who knows what February will bring -- hopefully a fun, safe, and peaceful Olympics.  
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Avoid Toxins!

A couple of recent events have led me to explore how to handle bug infestations in a non-toxic house or office.  Ladybugs are interesting because, in the garden,they can be a welcome and natural source of pest control, but in your home or office they can be, well, annoying.  Here are some non toxic tips for ladybug infestations.

It turns out it's a bad idea to touch ladybugs.  They give off some sort of yellow fluid that could stain your clothes and also could burn if you got it in your eyes.

If you want to pick up a bunch all at once, you can wrap duct tape around your hand inside out and then rub the sticky part over them to collect them.

If you vacuum them up, you have to be sure to immediately empty out the bag or the live ones will just crawl back out.   You can also put a stocking over the hose and vacuum them up and then throw away the stocking.

Other options to get rid of unwanted ladybugs:
  • Burn lemon scented candles -  they don't like that scent
  • Put ammonia on a cloth and rub it over your windows and other places where they congregate
  • Put diatomaceous earth or borax around the places where they seem to come in. Be careful with both of these as you don't want to inhale them (you can wear a mask when you put it out).  Once you put it out, it's fine.  This also works for fleas.  In fact, you can put diatomaceous earth outside in your yard to reduce fleas. You can also plant herbs and plants that repel bugs such as lemon balm, lavender,  peppermint and marigold.
  • Put a container of vinegar with a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid near where they congregate.  This will attract them and the dishwashing liquid means they won't be able to get out because it will increase the weight of the water. This also works for the little flying bugs that sometimes hang out around house plants. 
  • If possible, seal off the area that seems to be their point of entry.
  • It turns out saying "Ladybug, ladybug fly away home," is not necessarily effective!
It's easy with bugs and critters to have a fear response before realizing that sometimes the cure (toxic bug spray) is worse than the problem.   When possible, non-toxic solutions can be more effective and far less risky.   Sometimes, we can even live in harmony with insects recognizing, as with ladybugs in the garden, that they bring many benefits.
Interested in exploring Non Toxic products?  Check out Ava Anderson Non Toxic or call or email me about this fabulous line of products.

Did you know?

One of the last holdouts in my kitchen has been cleaning my ceramic glasstop surface.   It turns out, my old standby baking soda works for this as well.  
  • Spread baking soda on the surface of your stove.
  • Place warm, wet paper towels on top and let it sit.
  • Wipe it all up.
  • You will likely need to go over it with a sponge or wet cloth.
  • Beautiful stove and you don't have to worry about any leftover toxins from that gnarly cleaner.
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Eat Well, Avoid Toxins, Be Happy!
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Eat Well!

Our local paper surprises me sometimes and has really interesting and healthy food suggestions.  A piece on oatmeal got me thinking that maybe it isn't just for breakfast anymore.   A bit of googling and a shopping trip later, I made this delicious and easy oatmeal pilaf.

Oats are heart healthy and steel cut oats absorb in the blood stream more slowly than other types so are good for your blood sugar levels.    Oats are gluten free but are a high risk for cross contamination so if you are very gluten sensitive, you might use gluten free oats.

Here's the recipe


Be Happy!

My fabulous friend Mara Bishop, wrote this month's Be Happy article -- it is February, so thoughts of happiness often turn to thoughts of love.
Proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence as an “inalienable” right, the pursuit of happiness is a driving force in many of our lives. Through relationships, soul searching, material goods, peak experiences, and myriad other ways, we throw ourselves wholeheartedly into the quest for happiness. It is no doubt one of our favorite cultural pastimes.
But being happy is less about “having”, or “doing” than it is about “being.” Love is the key ingredient to a happy life. In this month permeated with notions of romantic love, I encourage you to expand your “love vision.”
We can model that approach on the ancient Greeks who had at least 6 different words to express the distinct varieties of love.  Throw in a few extra ingredients like satisfying work and good health, and a balance of these 6 kinds of love may be a simple recipe for a happy life.  Three are described below.

1. Eros, or sexual passion. Romantic wild, “falling madly in love” love. This kind of love is romanticized in our culture. Although exciting and certainly part of our nature, when we let it take control of our brains and bodies and we can find ourselves dazed and confused. Speaking of dazed and confused… check out this post about the wild origins of Valentine’s Day
2. Agape, or love for everyone. (not to be confused with Eros!) This is the love taught by the great spiritual traditions and is akin to what I’m attempting to connect with during healing sessions.
3. Ludus, or playful love. I love this one. It can be expressed in many different situations, from flirting with a lover, to joking with friends, to tussling like puppies with your kids. It’s about lightness. Play is so healing. Where can you bring more play into your life?

We only have room for a preview, but you can read more on here (See the full explanation of this ancient and expanded love vision in this article - The Ancient Greeks' 6 Words for Love (And Why Knowing Them Can Change Your Life) by Roman Krznaric.)
If you are interested in learning more about Mara and the counseling that she offers, contact her or visit her website.
A little about me and why I am doing this.

I am passionate about working with people to help them achieve their goals through making healthier nutrition and wellness choices.   My particular interest is in working with people who are seeking to make health and wellness choices to help to prevent cancer or its recurrence.   I believe that through healthy food choices, avoiding toxins, and taking steps to reduce stress and be happier, it is easier to achieve life goals and to stay healthier.   Because of my passion, I am a certified holistic health coach, a distributor of Ava Anderson Non Toxic Products, and a one-on-one provider for Heart Math.
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