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Pathway To Adventure Council - Ready for Take-off!!

Fred Wallace, PTAC Scout Executive, presented a vision last fall of a PTAC organized and prepared to support youth, leaders and units in more and better ways, with programs responsive to family and community desires for youth prepared for successful careers, possessing positive personal values, and able to have fun in a positive safe environment.  The professional staff has been working with volunteers from across the 16 districts so that vision can take flight.  PTAC is now ready to take off, so watch for and contribute your part to make the vision a reality for more youth.
Here is a quick rundown on some of the initiatives underway.


The PTAC website, , has expanded to be the place to go for information about events.  It is the portal to “The Scout Channel” with video sessions providing timely information and instruction.  The events calendar is a click away providing the ability to see events of interest by subject and service area.  Another click and you can register for events immediately.   Soon the PTAC web site will be the portal to all District information too.  You can register on the PTAC website to get your personal copy of the PTAC monthly newsletter sent to your email box.  This newsletter provides information about Council and National programs and activities of interest to volunteers. The PTAC newsletter will soon be supported by service area newsletters providing information of events, programs and volunteers in our local area.


Scout programming includes Activities, e.g. day and summer camps, Advancement, Youth and Adult Training, and Community Service.  PTAC programming, lead by Lisa Early, will be headquartered at the Northwest Suburban service center.  Other Program Executives work with Lisa coordinating efforts and providing local presence at other PTAC service centers.  Camping activities are being coordinated across the seven camps with all scouts receiving the 2015 camp catalogue.  The catalogue was a product of the PTAC graphics unit that provides the “professional” look to PTAC flyers and publications.  Program volunteers now can make use of the PTAC graphic unit for their district program activities by submitting draft copy to our District Executive when setting up the event registration and calendar notice.  The District Executive can provide event organizers rosters of those registered too. This allows volunteers to spend more time organizing, running event and with our youth. 
The PTAC because of its leadership in proving STEM programing will be one of 12 councils in the United States who this year will have a STEM Scout program along with Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Venturing, Exploring and Learning for Life programs.   STEM Scouts are boys and girls, grades third through 12th, who get to experience age-tailored science experiments and STEM adventures. STEM Scouts also have opportunities to publish their research in peer-reviewed journals.

Unit Support:

The four service centers; Northwest Suburban, LaGrange, Steve Fossett (Chicago), and Robert Welsh (Munster, Indiana); are local point of presence for volunteer anywhere in the PTAC.  They are locations where volunteers can go to conduct business or for PTAC training and committee video meetings.  The new Northwest Suburban service center will include a video studio for producing video sessions useful for training and promoting scouting.  Service centers headquarter FOS administration in Chicago, and accounting and registration in LaGrange.
There is more on the way in terms of technology to support scouting for youth, volunteers and units.  The PTAC leadership during May 2015 will be hosting Town Hall meetings, were you can learn more and become engaged in delivering the PTAC vison for our youth.  Watch for the announcement and plan to attend the PTAC Town Hall meeting in May.


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