15 October 2015
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Full steam ahead!

As the Gods Will
Japan has inspired countless food blogs, and has nurtured many individuals who have gone on to become brilliant chefs. Destination Flavour: Japan host and MasterChef winner Adam Liaw is one of them.

We are proud to have Adam as our JFF 2015 Cultural Ambassador, supporting Japanese cinema—another one of Japan's awesome exports that we can't live without. 

Catch Adam at our Foodie Night in Sydney!
Shinya Tsukamoto on the set of Fires on the Plain.

Shinya Tsukamoto on the set of Fires on the Plain

Melbourne Special Guest
Shinya Tsukamoto

Director-actor-producer Shinya Tsukamoto will be joining us for a special guest Q&A session in Melbourne on 28 and 29 November at ACMI.

Shinya is popularly known for directing the Tetsuo trilogy and acting in films like Ichi the Killer. The multi-hyphenated gentleman has been making the rounds in the festival circuit recently with his bold feature, Fires on the Plain. Independently produced, written, directed—and even starred in—by him, this is one film that truly pushes boundaries and sets the bar higher with every scene. 

Read more about the film and watch trailer on the JFF website.

Melbourne Schedule
Themed Screenings


Learn more about the themed screenings here.

Survival of the Best Dressed with As the Gods Will
Sat 28 Nov, 6:30pm @ Hoyts Melbourne Central
Come dressed up in your best Battle Royale-inspired high school outfit and get a chance to win film passes! Have your photos taken and score one of the daruma doll lucky door prizes.

Girls Night Out with Poison Berry in My Brain
Mon 30 Nov, 6:20pm @ Hoyts Melbourne Central
If 'Inside Out' were a rom-com about a 30-year-old single woman, it would be this film. With surprise goodies from Shu Uemura Art of Hair on the night.

Cyberpunk genre bend cosplay with Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie
Fri 4 Dec, 8:45pm @ Hoyts Melbourne Central
Put a cyberpunk twist to your favourite cosplay—or come see your favourite cosplays in a cyberpunk alternate universe.
A cool and unique drama

Director Nobuhiro Yamashita is no stranger to cool and unique dramas, having directed Tamako in Moratorium and Linda Linda Linda. La La La Rock Bottom fuses the best of both.
A cool and unique drama

This under-rated anime has a life-like quality to it, thanks to rotoscoping—an animation technique that has yet to be fully mastered. This wonderful slice-of-life film filled with youthful innocence and make-believe is definitely in our must-see list.
Mirei Kiritani and the charismatic cast of No Longer Heroine
Rom-com Pick:
No Longer Heroine

No Longer Heroine is a sweet (but not cheesy) movie that takes its comedy seriously. Packed with naturally delivered comic punch lines, an entertaining story line and a charismatic cast.
http://A jellyfish addict, a cross-dressing pretty boy and a real-estate battle?!
Comedy Pick:
Princess Jellyfish

Fans of Japanese manga would be familiar with Princess Jellyfish. For those who aren't, be prepared for a hilarious and endearing film with solid performances by some of Japan's up and coming actors Rena Nounen (Amachan) and Masaki Suda (Assassination Classroom, The Light Shines Only There).


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