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Maybe you’ve put chamomile in your tea or added lavender to your lemonade. We love using dried edible flowers to brighten up any drink. If you’re just entering into the world of edible flowers, we have the usual suspects that you’ve probably run into: chamomile, jasmine, lavender, and rose. Here are a few suggestions for the most widely known edible flowers.

We also like to get a little funky and weird, and search high and low for the more unusual product. Our flowers are no exception. You’ve probably heard of elderflower, but what about calendula, chrysanthemum (the kind you can eat!), cornflower, or red clover top? Read on for a quick and dirty guide to the more unusual flowers we carry.

Flower Tea

Our flowers make delightful iced teas and are welcome additions to lemonade. And for the chefs among you, try steeping our flowers in cream before making any number of cream-based foods or desserts. Your imagination is the limit! For now, try this simple,  iced “tea” of hibiscus and jasmine. 

Calming Potpourri

We have the perfect potpourri sachet of calming, refreshing scents. A blend of lavender, rose buds, jasmine flowers, orange peel, cloves, and orris root, these ingredients are the perfect way to spruce up the air around you. Pick one up in the shop today. Or, come by and ask us how you can make your own. 

Beauty Scrub

Beauty may be only skin-deep, but you should still take care of your skin. Check out our recipe for a conditioning body scrub, made with our signature potpourri packets. With just a few ingredients, you’ll be on your way to nourished, glowing skin. Get blending!


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