Bazaar Spices | Stop and Smell Me (Issue 9)

Happy Holidays!

This month, Bazaar Spices celebrates its one year anniversary! What does one year in business mean? It means we have met a lot of really special customers who have become great friends, it means we have expanded our product line to encompass over 300 unique premium  products, it means we have established our permanent space within Union Market, and it means that we have created the foundation of many great things to come!

Thanks for reading through our November issue of Bazaar Spices' newsletter. Not only are we excited about our big anniversary, we are also excited that the holiday season is in full effect! We spend every year trying to think of how to create that amazing holiday meal and come up with a gift idea that is really going to make an impression. Luckily, we have exactly what you need.

In this issue we show you how to make festive botanical-infused cocktails to make your holiday dinner party a hit, we also feature a tasty twist for your cranberry sauce that will leave your guests asking for more, and for those thinking about vegetarian family or friends, we have a great recipe for vegan mac and cheese. Yum! There are always folks out there who are trying to eat healthy during the holidays and we have you covered!  We offer a short feature on Juniper Berries: A Unique Holiday Superfood. Finally, in celebration of the spirit of the season we want to send out a little cheer for our first Bazaar Spice team member.

Here's to a great start to your holiday season! Hope it's a beautiful one for you and your family. Thanks for reading.

Festive Botanical-Infused Cocktails Anyone?

If you are looking for a way to impress your friends this holiday season, look no further!  Inspired by her love of all things foody and a great interest in the art and science of mixology, local artisan, Eliza Mairesse put together several different botanical mixes to help you make your own cocktail infusions that we now offer. The DIY botanical infusion kits are available now and can be infused with bourbon, tequila or gin. Each combination comes in a artfully decorated jar, complete with instructions and the recipe, should you wish to re-create it. Come by and pick one up for yourself or a friend. These kits are a fantastic gift for the holiday season, or just a great way to add some flare to your holiday party cocktails. Click here to read more about these homemade infusion kits and sign up for our holiday class entitled Botanical Infusions: The Art and Science Behind Modern Mixology on December 12th and learn how to make your own!

Vegetarian Mac and Cheese, Oh My!

Recently, Tiffany Griffin of Como Water conducted a Vegetarian Holiday Cooking Workshop using many of our premium spices. Folks learned how to pack the most flavor into their holiday favorites in the least amount of time  and connected with others looking to ramp up their holiday veg-centric sides without a whole lot of fuss or money. Tiffany guided the audience through techniques to take their favorite veg-centric, holiday dishes from "blah" to "spectacular" by incorporating fragrant and flavorful herbs and spices. Check out Vegan Mac N Cheese Oh My! written by Chanel Marshall highlighting the evening and the Vegan Mac N Cheese recipe by Como Water.

A Tasty Twist on a Thanksgiving Staple

Next to the turkey, cranberries are a must have for a traditional Thanksgiving feast. But let's face it, usually cranberries don't generate much excitement. Not this year! With this quick and easy recipe your cranberries will be a hit and leave your guests asking for more.

12-ounce bag of cranberries
1/2 cup honey
1 tablespoon brown sugar
2- to 3-inch cinnamon stick
4 green cardamom pods
1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg
1/8 teaspoon ground cloves
Zest from 1 orange, about 1 tablespoon

Bring the cranberries, honey, brown sugar, cinnamon stick, cardamom pods, nutmeg, cloves, and 3/4 cup water to a simmer. Cover the mixture and allow it to simmer on medium-low heat for 7 minutes.Add orange zest. Simmer uncovered for 1 minute. Scoop out the cardamom pods and cinnamon stick. Transfer the sauce to a shallow bowl and let it cool completely in the refrigerator. Best served at room temperature. (Adapted from Check out our Facebook page and Spicy DC blog for other delicious recipes!

A Unique Holiday Superfood: Juniper Berries

Did you know that juniper berries are a superfood? These tiny little seeds are not given the attention they deserve. Traditionally used in the preparation of Gin (Jenever) and as an earthy spice for meat and vegetable dishes in European cooking, juniper is also a wonderful medicinal herb. The juniper evergreen tree produces a berry that is bitter when eaten fresh, though full of antioxidants, vitamin C and fiber. Brew a hot cup of dried juniper berry tea and you will be rewarded with improved kidney function, digestive health and joint flexibility.  Follow the link to read more about Juniper Berries, the holiday superfood.

Bazaar Spices Holiday Gift Ideas

Thinking about the perfect gift for your family and friends? Try spices. Where else can you get unique, custom-made, hand-crafted spice blends with a decorative bow on top? Remember us during your holiday shopping and pick up fun stocking stuffers that include distinctive salt towers, lavender bunches, or homemade vanilla extract kits. Mom loves to grill? Check out our Himalayan Salt Bricks, as featured in the Washington Post Holiday Gift Guide. Dad loves to bake? Order a baker's gift basket with three different types of cinnamon, Madagascar vanilla beans, cardamom, and nutmeg or create your own spicy theme.

Have another idea? Ask us how we can help you to create the perfect gift for your loved one or create unique group gifts for your office or club members this holiday season. Email us today!

Bazaar Spices Support Team Member Spotlight

Bazaar Spices is happy to introduce you to our very first support team Member, Rena! Rena grew up visiting the old market with her family for their weekly groceries, so Union Market is her old stomping ground. She grew up in D.C. with her vegetarian mother and her grandmother who were very knowledgeable about herbs and spices which led her to become adventurous at a young age. She loves the overall vibe of the new market and the family feel amongst the artisans. Rena now gets to spice up her meals for her own family. Rena loves helping folks liven up their kitchens and bringing families together through food and spices. Next time you're at the market, stop by and say hi!

An Extra Day to Get Your Holiday Gift Shopping Done!

Guess who's open six days a week? We are! We are adding Tuesdays to our schedule. As the holiday season quickly approaches, we want to let you know about our hours so you can be sure to get everything you need before your holiday dinner! During the holiday season, we are open on a regular schedule with some updated hours below. Come and visit us!

Thanksgiving Week
Tuesday, 11/26/13 - 11AM-6PM
Thursday (Thanksgiving), 11/28/13 - CLOSED
Christmas Week
Monday, 12/23/13 - 11AM-6PM
Tuesday, 12/24/13 - 11AM-3PM
Wednesday (Christmas Day) 12/25/13 - CLOSED
New Years Week
Monday, 12/30/13 - 11AM-6PM
Tuesday, 12/31/13 - 11AM-6PM

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