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This month we travel to Georgia, a country nestled amongst Russia, Turkey, and the Black Sea. Georgia is a beautiful country with delicious food. Read about the spices that make Georgian cuisine so unique, and get inspired by our recipes, including one from local blogger Rebecca Peress for Bison Delicata Rings on her blog The Sweet Defeat. Ready to make your Georgian culinary journey? Stop by Bazaar Spices to pick up a few Georgian spices to re-create some of these great dishes.

We catch up with Jenny Holm, a local writer and lover of Georgian food, and ask her a few questions about Georgian food. Read on to learn about Jenny’s first forays into Georgian cooking and a few tidbits about Georgian spices. Jenny says, "I loved how prevalent vegetables and fruits are in Georgian cuisine and the Silk Road influences I found in it (many food words in Georgian come from Hindi and Farsi)." Read more of this fascinating Q+A with Jenny Holm of The Georgian Table.

Georgian Chicken Recipe

It’s still grilling season – spice up your next grilling day with our dry adjika and shish kabob blends. The spicy adjika is perfect on grilled chicken, while the shish kabob blend is the perfect seasoning for pork, beef, or, our favorite, lamb. 

Spice Blends

We’re excited about our new offerings at the shop – spices from Georgia! Read our little guide about these unique seasonings: dry adjika, shish kabob blend, khmeli suneli, kharcho, and the hard-to-find utskho suneli (blue fenugreek).

Georgian Eggplant Dip Recipe

In need of an easy appetizer or meat-free offering? Khmeli suneli takes eggplant to the next level. This eggplant dip, scented with Georgian spices and spiked with walnuts and garlic, is the perfect dip for pita chips or makes a tasty spread on toast. 


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