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Guide to Chiles

A chile powder will always add another level to your favorite dishes, adding not only heat but another layer of flavor. The best part about chiles is that you don't have to be a spice aficionado to enjoy the complexity and richness a chile can give. There's such a wide range of heat to choose from. Read on to learn more! 

Warming Chili

This chili features our Dark Chili Powder Blend, a mild mix of Ancho, cumin, garlic, onion, and other secret spices. This hearty and warming chili has mostly beans (black, canary, and kidney), some vegetables to keep you balanced, and plenty of chile powder to give it flavor. Get the recipe

Green Chile

The famed New Mexico green chile rarely available east of the Mississippi. This unique chile is similar to the Anaheim, but tends to be spicier, sweeter, and more earthy. Its faint fruitiness pairs well with chicken, turkey, pork, beans, or veggies. Spice level: mild to medium-hot


Anchos are ripened and dried Poblano peppers. Mild, slightly smoky, and tasting almost like raisins or dried plums, the Ancho adds a ton of flavor without adding too much heat. It is a common ingredient in chili powder blends, and pairs well with red meats, poultry, beans, or even chocolate. Spice level: mild to medium. 

Hatch Extra Hot

Another New Mexican favorite, our Hatch Hot chili powder is SPICY. This spice is rounded out by smoky undertones and lots of flavor. If you are heat averse, try our Hatch Mild for a taste of New Mexico without the spicy bite.  Try it on meats, lentils, beans, or roasted potatoes or squash. Spice level: hot


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