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Did someone say spring is in the air?  It sure doesn't feel like it with a recent snowstorm and temperatures hovering around 40°, but sure enough, in the next couple of weeks, cherry blossoms will be blooming, tulips will be bursting, and spring will have sprung.  Many of us think about doing a little spring cleaning around the house, but how about a little spring cleaning on ourselves? A great book we recently read, Staying Healthy with the Seasons by Elson M. Haas, suggests, ”…springtime seems to be the best time for major cleansing, drinking nourishing liquids, such as fruits and vegetable juices, for a period of five to ten days or longer.”  While that may be a bit much for some folks, starting with a few days and working up will help get your spring off to a good start.  One of the spring cleansing programs the author recommends is Stanley Burrough's Master Cleanser listed below. As always, it’s a good idea to check with your health physician prior to starting any new health regimens to see what works best for you.  

Stanley Burroughs Master Cleanser
2 tbs fresh squeezed Lemon or Lime juice
1-2 tbs maple syrup
1/10 tsp (or a dash) cayenne pepper
8 ounce of spring or filtered water - drink liberally (6-12 glasses) throughout the day

See you soon!
Ivan and Monica

Creole and Cajun Spice Blending Session

Spice (noun) - something that represents or introduces zest, charm, or gusto.

On Thursday, March 7 at 6:30pm at Bazaar Spices in Union Market, learn how to incorporate more zest in your cooking during this 30-minute cajun and creole spice blending session. Local amateur chef Tyler Savoy will talk about what goes into making your own spice rubs - a great way to save money while impressing your friends. (Homemade spice blends also make great gifts!) You'll learn what flavors shine in Southwest and Asian cooking, and you'll make your own Cajun spice blend to take home. Tyler approaches every teaching and cooking opportunity with gusto, and you're guaranteed to have a good time under his instruction.

Tyler lives in Washington, DC and works as a Training Specialist for the Diplomatic Security Service. Hailing originally from Lafayette, Louisiana, Tyler has won amateur cooking competitions with menus hailing from the UK, Louisiana, India, Hong Kong, and South Africa. An avid traveler, Tyler enjoys picking up cooking tips and spices from all over the world and sharing them with friends and family back home.

Make Your Own Homemade Vanilla Extract

For years we have heard that making your own vanilla extract is far superior to any extract you can buy. So, in December, we set out to make our own extract using the recipe contained on our Madagascar Vanilla bean vials. We followed the instructions, slicing the bean down the middle, filling a bottle with 2 cups of alcohol (we used Bacardi Rum left over from a holiday party), placing the beans in the bottle, shaking the bottle slightly, and putting the bottle in a dark location. The process took less than 15 minutes from start to finish. After we set the extract aside, we waited about eight weeks (shaking the bottle every other week or so).  Last week we used a little of the extract in an apple pie we made and we have one word for the extract. "Fantastic!"  The homemade extract was more robust than extracts used in the past, with a richer feel and stronger hints of vanilla. Another great thing about the homemade extract is that as we use the extract, all we have to do is top it off with some more alcohol.  Needless to say, homemade is the best!

Show Us Your Spice Cabinet!

Many of you have asked us if we really use our spices. The answer to that is a resounding "YES!"  And, many of you have said you have the best spice cabinets in all of DC. Well, we came up with a fun contest for the month of March called “Show us your Spice Cabinet.” To enter the contest,  simply take a picture of your spice cabinet and post it to our Facebook page. All entries must be submitted by March 20th. We will create a special contest album on our page and the cabinet with the most "likes" by March 30th will win bragging rights to having the best spice cabinet in Washington, DC, a special prize, and $25 gift certificate to Bazaar Spices.

Herbs of the Month

As an alternative to the Master Cleanse recipe, there are several great herbs such as burdock, dandelion, and yellow dock which are great for boosting the function of your body's digestive system by helping to expel and eliminate waste in the  blood and liver.  As noted by herbalist Jessica Morgan of Morgan Botanicals, "Burdock root tea is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Its numerous antioxidants protect the liver from toxic chemicals, allowing it to process the body's naturally occurring steroids which are helpful in achieving hormonal balance...” Burdock, dandelion, and yellow dock call all be used separately or combined into a digestive tea using about 1 tsp of each herb and steeping in a few cups of water for about 10-15 minutes, straining, and flavoring to taste. You can drink the tea a couple of times over the course of the day.

Blog Post: Connection Between Food and Cancer

Thanks to everyone who came out to Bazaar Spices on February 20th to hear Eric Cohen, Oncology Nurse and Clinical Intern in Nutrition and Integrative Health speak about the relationship between food and cancer, and what we can eat to boost our immune system and protect us from the inflammation that causes diseases such as cancer, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. Check out our latest blog post recapping the evening.

Spices and Health...A Lifelong Waltz!

On Wednesday, March 20th at 6:30pm at Bazaar Spices in Union Market, we will host Deepa Patke of Aromatic Spice Blends as she discusses current scientific research on the effects of spices on our immune system. Deepa will touch upon environmental stress factors that lead to internal conditions such as oxidation and inflammation and other conditions; its causes..both, internal and external; the effects on our immune system; how spices have been used in Ayurveda to combat these conditions and diseases; different spices and their specific roles; references of current research articles; and how to incorporate spices into our daily lives to support a healthy immune system. Sign up today!

Test Drive: Baharat Spice Mix

Excited about Spice Chick's new post on our blog, Spicy DC, detailing how she made her delicious lamb meatballs with our Baharat spice!

"For anyone who grew up in the middle east or loves the food of the region, one sniff of Baharat from Bazaar Spices in Union Market (Washington, DC) will take you back to your favorite middle eastern trip, restaurant, or dish.  The blend of spices highlight warmth, earthiness and that perfect mix of sweet and savory..." Click here to read more.

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