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Good evening!

I had lunch with a friend today and it did me the world of good!  It feels so good talking to yarny people about yarny things!

So I sat myself down and decided to chat about yarny things some more... this time to YOU!

I haven't sent a newsletter in a wee while.  If I'm not mistaken, the last one was just as we were launching the Sophie's Universe 5 Year Anniversary Make-along.  It was a fantastic party.  So many people joined in, and it was such a treat to see everyone's Sophies (old and new).

If you missed all the posts about it, you can find them here: The Sophie's Universe Totes are still available to buy, and you can find some ideas for tweaking your tote HERE.

New Patterns

Sophie Bunting

Following on from the make-along, Jenny and I released the pattern for this cute Sophie Bunting using Scheepjes Sweet Treat.  I wonder if Jenny will ever tire of making Sophies iterations :)

Unseen Mandala

The Unseen Mandala honours all the unseen things we (and those we love) live with, with colours inspired by a Rainbow Zebrah Infographic for Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.

You can read more about the yarn and inspiration HERE and you can find the pattern HERE.  

Lobster Tail Basket

I LOVE the Crab Stitch and have been playing with it quite a lot recently.  One of the happy accidents that emerged from this playing is a Crab Stitch Linen Stitch (Reverse Single Crochet Linen Stitch) that has a beautiful woven texture.

I've written a simple basket pattern to introduce you to this stitch.  I used Scheepjes Catona for the tutorial, but have since made a much bigger version using 4(!!!) strands of Chunky Monkey.  It is big enough to fit on my head, which I demonstrated on Instagram when I was feeling particularly silly!  Feel free to have a look.

Kay Square

I designed this square for one of my yarn retreats in 2018 and have finally gotten around to doing a photo tutorial for it.  I've made three versions:
  • Chunky Monkey
  • Scheepjes Skies Heavy/Stone Washed
  • Smaller JAYGO motifs in Stone Washed Cutie Pies

You can find the pattern HERE.


This month’s image celebrates the loud, raw, unapologetic belly laugh.  It celebrates that out-of-mind moment when you are physically incapable of worrying about the past or the future.  It celebrates a reprieve from hating your accent or your chin (or whatever else you don’t like about your body).  It celebrates being alive!!

The image is a manipulation of a screenshot from Scheepjes’ 165th Birthday Celebration video.  It captures the moment I wished them a happy birthday and accidentally dropped my (3 hours of work) birthday cake prop.  You can see the video HERE.

You can see all my Moments of Conscious Joy (including a photo of said cake) HERE.  


Crochet-alongs 2020

Scheepjes CAL 2020: d'Histoire Naturelle

This year's annual Scheepjes CAL was designed by Christina Hadderingh from A Spoonful of Yarn.  It will be accompanied by a read-along of the very popular All the Light We Cannot See (which I have just finished reading and can highly recommend). 

You can read more about it HERE on Christina's blog and HERE on the official CAL page.

Kits are available from the following retailers:

(Search for Scheepjes CAL 2020 to find all the kits)

Fruit Garden CAL

Janie Crow's stunning Fruit Garden CAL will be starting again 3 November 2020, so if you missed it the first time around, you can join in then!  You can also look forward to a new colourway and two matching cushion covers :)

You can find all the details HERE.

Featured Product

I want to show off my new project bag.  It was made by my friend Sewyarnilicious on Instagram and I LOVE it.  It's pretty, functional, and extremely well-made.  The best bit is probably that I got to choose the fabric to suit my personality (and my projects at the time of choosing).  She has lots of different designs and fabrics to choose from, so if you are in the market for a new project bag, I can recommend having a look at her Instagram feed (linked above)! 

Xander just ran up to me and asked:  "Are you happy, mum?  Did someone like your photo?"  (The boys are social-media obsessed).  "No, said I.  I'm writing my newsletter and it is making me happy."  Says he:  "I like it when your face is happy like that."

See... talking about yarny things to yarny people :)

I hope you have a wonderful week!  

Featured Yarn Packs

Linen Stitch Manghan
Summer in Swanage
Jeanette at Sunset





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